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I finally updated my One-Man-Band's front page.
Now you can actually see what I'm up to.

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play hi-fi  Gever-Gever
play hi-fi  A Soulmate To-Go
play hi-fi  Forgive Me
play hi-fi  That's How Much I Love You
play hi-fi  Voca Lisa
play hi-fi  To Be 41
play hi-fi  Operation Nephew
play hi-fi  Cracked Ballad
play hi-fi  Tea 4 Two
play hi-fi  Coffee Tree Escape

My nick is Spark (aka SparkLight).
The Sparklight-Studio is my creativity laboratory where I experiment with various playing styles, new sounds and production technics.
All the music here was done by myself - composing, writing lyrics, playing, recording, programming drums and other loops and mixing the whole mess together.

Why this name?
It's a translation of my real name to English.

Yeah, start guessing... ;-)

Do you play live?
Well... in a way
Since my current life style and marital status force some restrictions on the term "leisure", I've developed a unique concept which makes some room for creativity - I own 3 TravelerGuitar instruments and a palmtop digital recording studio (the old mighty Zoom PS04).
2 years ago I've switch to 4 working days per week and on my free day I go sit at one of my favorite local coffee shops, at a side table, having a breakfast (or lunch, or both) and then, on a cup of cappuccino, I take out the tiny guitar, plug it into the PS04, put on my headphones, pick one of the 500 preset Drum&Bass patterns and jam till smoke comes out my fingers.
Indeed, I get the looks. Some can't resist and start a conversation, but this doesn't bother me.
Hey, I get both music ideas (and sometimes even a constructed sketch) AND good company (and sometimes even new friends).
Can life be any better? :-)
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Most of the tunes here were inspired by my Internet music mates and finalized after implementing the critical and knowledgable comments of those talented people from all over the world which I never even met.
I like collaborative creativity alot.
Music, to my opinion, is the most unique language which can easily bridge all kinds of caltural differences.
(it's over the royalties that we kill each other later on :-P [j/k])
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think.
Having the Internet today as the broadest and quickest distribution tool what possible addon can a records company bring?
Band History:
I play the guitar since 1975.
Had a few bands during the years.
Non got famous, but who gives a shit. I had fun.
For few years I was into electro-acoustic music working with synths and samplers and MIDI sequencing.
Then I had a few more bands for several years.
Non of those got famous either :-P
Then I had a "dry era" with almost no playing and zero creativity :-(
About 2 years ago, while forming the concept described above, I sort of had a "comeback" to music creativity.
And here I am today.
Your influences?
Will probably sound bombastic, but... I feel almost anything goes into my ears influences me.
I can't define my style. I'm not sure I have one.
Generally it's a rock, but I do like also jazz, some flavors of blues, R&B maybe, funk maybe and everything else which is jumpy, groovy, not too slow and not too noisy.
Does this help any? :-/
Favorite spot?
Home, sweet home :-)
Oh, and my "reserved" table at the local bistro, where I use to have my "private jams".
Equipment used:
Mostly either of my 3 TravelerGuitars - The Escape bass, The Speedster electric or the Escape acoustic. I also have an ordinary P-bass, a modified Strat clone, an Epiphone acoustic, few amps, Boss BR-864 8trk digital recorder, Zoom PS04 4trk palmtop digital recorder, some Zoom and Boss guitar and bass effects, an Edirol UA-4fx audio interface connected to my Fujitsu laptop, a Rode NT3 condensor mic and a crappy Shure clone dynamic mic.
Anything else...?
Havn't I said enough already?