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Mark Chadbourne
Mark Chadbourne
Mark Chadbourne 'Please'
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Official video for the song 'Please' from the Mark Chadbourne album 'Carpe Cardia'. Artdog Records 2013. All Rights Reserved
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Intelligent, emotional, brutal, beautiful: "Broken Meats" showcases basic alternative/pop rock developed out of traditional rock, pop, gospel, classical, folk, jazz, blues, world music and avante garde approaches. It is apparent that Chadbourne knows what he wants and knows how to get it across. There is more than a good tune in these songs. Chadbourne exhibits a philosphy behind his music, lyric and arrangements which broadens the meaning of popular music.

Melody, harmonics and atmosphere are cleverly developed so that the music has a familiarity without being trite or cliche. Curiously fresh, Chadbourne's sense of melody is remarkable for its ability to stay with the listener. Lyrics are playful, intelligent and have a brutal emotional and intellecutal honesty, with wit and insight in a humorous sense. The rhythmic sensibilities range from primal pounding to a fluidity that delights and suprises at the least expected moment.

"Broken Meats" is a showcase of the history of pop music presented in a fresh intimate way. Listeners have described the album as "intensely intimate" and as an "exposed inner private world shared without reservation". For more background and a look at the Chadbourne's blog, visit the website listed at the bottom of the page.

Chadbourne's influences spans the entire spectrum. He acknowledges his earliest influences at his website with notable information on Ron Dante, Burton Cummings and the Guess Who and his deep admiration for the works of Morrissey.

"Broken Meats" has produced an incredible 9 number one

Mark's follow-up album "TINGLEGROOVE" has parallelled the success of "Broken Meats". Heavy on trippy rhythms the songs return to Mark's root success and showcase his unique style of atmospheric production, melody and lyricism.

Why this name?
Mark Chadbourne on Facebook

What does the title "Broken Meats" mean?
Do you play live?
Based out of Cleveland Ohio, Chadbourne's performances as both solo and with bands have been documented on film and over radio. Chadbourne headlines in venues and well as art galleries and spaces and also openend for major recording acts and many acts that have opened for Chadbourne have gone on to their own successes.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's shifted the power to where it belongs...the artist to the audience. However, the internet poses its own issues. Indie artists, beware! There are yellow journalists online as much as there are in the main media, and much harder to nail down a resolution with the anonymity and lack of credibility and accountability that the internet provides.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
With considerable consideration ...yes...after all, I'm a scoundrel, but a wise scoundrel. I can be quite stubborn about what is fair. Most of the offers presented are very unfair or have a hidden bottom line. In the end, who looks after your own best interest? If you don't rely on yourself to do that, then you get what you deserve. If you've poured youself into your art, surely that counts for something. There's nothing better towards that end than tenacious self preservation.
Band History:
Chadbourne started writing songs at the early age of 9 years old. At age 13, he had his first published song with "Everywhen". Performing as "Mark Mars", Chadbourne was frontman of bands "Godspeed", and then later with "The Kerouacs","Tent Sleeps 4" and "Bla". Chadbourne holds two degrees in music. Along with his work as a recording and performance artist, Chadbourne has scored for TV, films, commercials and won several awards for his compositions. Works have been featured on cable and national tv networks. Chadbourne's video art piece "You Too Can Win Over Depression and Have a Happy Marriage" was showcased on PBS's "Live Off Center". Chadbourne has been awarded twice in "Who's Who Among American Composers and Musicians". He was commissioned by the Cleveland Orchestra in 1988 and his fixed harpsichord sonata "Area Sets" was lauded as a break through compostion by critics around the country.

In additon, Chadbourne wrote the weekly column "Artspeak", and his paintings and soundscapes installation pieces have been displayed in galleries and spaces and featured at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Trivia: Eugene Chadbourne of Shockabilly is a distant cousin. The two met by accident in 1986 playing the same venue and discovered that they were related.

To date, Chadbourne has had 20 songs reach the #1 spot on Soundclick. The albums "Broken Meats", "Tinglegroove" and "Love Me, Love My Latest Crisis" have been ranked as the hottest selling Alternative albums.

Chadbourne's tracks have been downloaded in over 100 seperate nations around the world since 2006.

For more information, please visit Mark Chadbourne Music @ http://markchadbourne.hyperboards.com

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Tent Sleeps 4 (Massai Records)

Year Title
1984 "Tent Sleeps 4"
1985 "Dangerous Animals"
1986 "Pebbles and Stuff"

Bla (Snas Records)

Year Title
1989 "Love Me, Love My Crisis"
2004 "Love Me, Love My Crisis (Remastered with bonus tracks)"

Mark Chadbourne (Artdog Records)

Year Title
1987 "Reasons To Be Cheerful"
1988 "Area Sets"
1998 "Dissuaded"
2006 "Broken Meats"
2008 "Tinglegroove"
2009 "Love Me, Love My Latest Crisis"
2009 "googleInvert"
2010 "The Same Old Idiocies"
2010 "Hymn 39"
2010 "It Pains Our Hearts to Tell You"


Mark Chadbourne (Artdog Records)

Year Title
2005 "At Loggerheads"
2006 "Love Has Sinned Against Me"
2006 "Trash It!"
2006 "Graveyard"
2006 "Cross My Heart And Hope To"
2006 "Widow Walk"
2007 "Brutalities"
2007 "It Only Hurts When You Laugh"
2008 "ctrl.alt.del."
2008 "Wretched"
2008 "Lonely Blue/Lonely Blue (And I Feel Sorry For You)"
2009 "Hateful Poses/Half Supposes"
2009 "Sunday Afternoonishly"
2009 "Good Light"
2010 "Tinglegroove"
2010 "Love Me Love My Latest Crisis"
2010 "Nothing Changes"
2010 "Leaning"
2010 "It Pains Our Hearts To Tell You" c/w "It Pains Our Hearts To Tell You Again"
2010 "Okay, So I Said I Love You, Now Go Away"
2011 "My Story"
2011 "Torching the Primrose Path"
Your influences?
Roots pop and rock, alternative, bubblegum, jazz, rockabilly, progressive rock, rockabilly, punk, post punk, shoegaze, ambients, art-punk, high-life, blues, soul, gospel, jazz, country, trance, chant, sacred musics, world music.

Favorite spot?
Mark Chadbourne on Facebook
Equipment used:
What ever currently is at hand. The music presents itself to my ear, and I try to find the best means to express it as I hear it. Sometimes I have to be inventive by re-appropriating sounds I discover; you never know what will produce the tone and timbre that the Music requires.
Anything else...?

Visit the website:

Mark Chadbourne Music

?:.License..:? Biography and discography written by Mark Chadbourne and Keith Davideit ?2002 & 2006 for Artdog Music and re-distributed by Soundclick.com with kind permission. All Rights Reserved by Mark Chadbourne/Artdog Music.

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