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Its Knights Alarmed coming at ya.I know some is wondering well what is Knights Alarmed(smilez)...Knights Alarmed is one thats aware of whats going on and has plans on doing something about it.YA SMELL ME HOMIE.We see a big problem with the game and message yall keep promoting so wez about to shut yall down.God style!
Why this name?
Well KA be my nickname and it just flowed from there.Basically it just some up everything we do everything we are about...God activism politics,basically just change.We see alot of mess going on but nobody seems to be stepping up for whatever reasons.I'm willing to do my part, what about you?
Do you play live?
Just finished album so its on now.Been going through alot of crap to just even get to this point.Havent yet did any shows yet but june 2 is the big date.Had to make sure family is straight and have everything tight.Never seen myself as average.I'm out there like that so I had to go get professional dancers like that.Do more dips pushups and situps so its easier to rip my shirt off(smilez).

As for special moments...Yea we all got em.Mines was when the secret service showed up at my doors because of a song I released a few days back.Hmmm Ha got em all worried so they tried to twist up my head with threats and all that other cute stuff.Messed up my pockets,relationships with other people.People started run'n away from us after that.But yea bumps bush his army and everyone else that fits the description.Imma keep doing me and I aint shutting up for nobody.Satan must have lost his mind(smilez)!Now good citizens like myself is on a list...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Puts your music in the hands of many people quicker.It also makes it more competitive more of a challenge.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Probaly not because my beef is with them and how they conduct business.I could neva sell out.Yes it would be cool to have like 9 different cars(smilez) all pimped out and a 7 milliion dollar house but that aint me.I rather give it up to someone in need.With me its hard to work out with me in a sense because you cant dictate to me in any means.I really aint feeling money like dat and I already have everything I want so how is they gonna tell me to do something that I know isnt right?And whats with that anyways...make a song how we keep killing eachother and fight over material thangs while the man is sitting there laughing his white face off?What jerks(smilez)!
Band History:
Starting in 99...basically just doing me seperating myself from everybody else.I have something to say just like the great ones.Always been about change since day one.Still kicking the same message.I actually tried that whole bigger record label thang but it didnt work out.Neva been into somebody telling me I got to do it this way.I did feel pretty special though.Sent out a grimy lil tape,got love out from cali,new york,vermont...I went for the under-dog state to try and blow up.Cats that I was trying to get a deal with was buggin out too when I told em imma sign with these cats out in vermont.I love the under dog approach eventhough deep down yall know whats up(smilez).I'm torment,I'm pain,I'm a 100 years of oppression,I'm a man wid no name.Ya smell me?Yall know my chest cavity is bigger(smilez).
Your influences?
God,Malcom X,Martin Luther King...Michael Jackson,Krs-1,Big Daddy Kane and Public Enemy.I use to bang alot of Nas who I feel we have alot of similarites but times change and I see people do to.Oh yea I'm still feeling Busta Rhymes style.I think I got into more music because I was deprived alot.My moms was a christian so all we could do was listen to was gospel music.I liked it but when I heard Big Daddy Kane,Rakim,Run-dmc,the fat boys I started getting into it.I remember sitting there for hours wid a pad writing down everything they said so I could say it rap it like I am the author of it.

My moms was so christian the church and her forbidded us from going to see Breakin.We told her we was going to see Footloose wid this corny white guy and she was all about dat.We went and seen it,Breakin,she found out and beat us for it but it was worth every stroke.She was just hatin because she knew I could dance betta than her.For real I was so Breakin out that when she was beating me I was poppin and lockin doing the wave dippin and all sorts of mess...naw let me stop that fool tore me up.The only thang I was thinking about was Lord can you just kill this foo and call the fire department because this iron cord is making me skin feel like its on FIRE.
Favorite spot?
New York city!I love New York...cats playing ball all day everywhere.Food is on point,Juniors.Shouldnt be talking about women but yea its on like dat.Theres always something to do.I use to even love the smell of it...Just straight grimy out there.I use to even love all those sirens,shots going off until I realized like dag that could have been me.Having kids opens up ones mind!
Equipment used:
I'm still trapped in that oldschool state of mind.Me I just be using my keyboard that I had since 98.Yea I know I need to get over but my baby keeps coming wid it.I am in the process of getting our own studio up and run'n within a few months.I usually just work with my producers toys...
Anything else...?
Basically this is just a lil about me.I'm pretty sure all of ya know my intent so get ready.Knights Alarmed is comin...And yo please dont tell yo boys yo peeps yo check out how this kid be rapping.Yo its not rap music is Mentel Muzik.Can you dig it?Its brain food!

Oh yea get the album Shut yo Mouth and get ready for my mans album coming soon...can yall say K-N-O-W-L-I-J...we doin it big ova here!!!
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