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ManAlive is a diverse, high energy, blues driven, hard rock band, from the Seattle/Tacoma WA area. We mesh together alot of complementary guitar and vocal parts to create an original sound all our own. Our debut release entitled "Constant State Of Sickness" (2005) has 11 quality songs, and we have just released our new self-titled ep "ManAlive" (2009). All I can say is "Put You Seatbelt On!"

After six years of honing our skills and adding new bassist, Cam Brown, we're finally ready to take this thing to the next level!

Line up as follows,

Terry Houser - Lead Vocals
Brian Martinez - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Inderbitzin - Drums
Cam Brown - Bass
Why this name?
Terry came up with it. It seemed to fit our music, so we went with it.
Do you play live?
We perform live in/around the Seattle/Tacoma WA area.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives unsigned bands the opportunity to share their music with the world, and maybe get noticed by someone who thinks they can make it at the next level, and so on.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Certainly, if the deal was right for us.
Band History:
ManAlive has been together for 6 years. We all have played in previous bands, such as Tramp Alley, Bathtub Gin, The Cooks, and Good Gravy. This band is by far the best we've all been involved with. Experience definatlely says something, as far as learning to play well with others, and just becoming better musicians. We really have a special chemistry in ManAlive. It's like our own little musical family.
Your influences?
Everything from Hendrix/S.R.V. to Metallica. Although I classify us as hard rock, we don't pigeon-hole ourselves to any one music style. No matter what we create, it still always sounds like us. Some of my personal influences/favorites are old (Hed)P.E., Metallica, Megadeth, Stone Sour, and Alice in Chains. For what it's worth, I'm really digging the band "Boy Hits Car" as well!
Favorite spot?
Although I really enjoy New York, there's no place like home, Seattle!
Equipment used:
Gibson/Taylor/Ovation guitars
Diezel Einstein 100watt head
Mesa 4x12 Vintage 30's X'd with Heritage 30's
Mesa Dual Recto Solo
Ampeg SVT Pro 2 bass head
Ampeg SVT410PR
Amazing set of custom DW drums
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