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Five years ago you could not have found the three members of Fallen from Grace in a more diverse cross culture of music. Whether it was playing soulful solo acoustic acts before fervent college kids, spinning at a New York City rave or grinding it out on stage with metal and industrial acts, Fallen from Grace has spent years passing through the many circles of the American music scene.

A three piece of two acoustics and a DJ, Fallen from Grace uses its poignant lyrics and innate talent to mold the root essentials of rock, techno and hip-hop into a soundtrack for the new millennium.

Drawing on influences from Dave Matthews, Dido and classic Motown, Fallen from Grace mixes those varied sounds and deposits them in a tempest, scattering them across the musical spectrum into a mosaic of unique sounds and captivating harmonies that transcend every genre of music.

Following a rigid regimen of self-determination and dedication to their craft, Fallen from Grace has forged their own style of synco-melodic acoustic-rock that has allowed them to expand their audience from a handful of admirers to a mounting tide of followers. In just a short time, Fallen from Grace has gone from playing before curious onlookers to performing before adoring crowds – with each show outdrawing the next.

Crowds at the band’s live sets are quickly consumed by the tripto-harmonic sounds that pour from the stage, capturing their minds and cascading through their souls. The memorable and melodious tracks are delivered with a business-like precision that reflects the personalities and professionalism of the band’s members.

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