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Robert Ashley III of Vyrmn
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play hi-fi  Time/Space (Per)Version 2012
play hi-fi  Malignant Gravitational Presence 2012
play hi-fi  (Machinery Of The) Bleeding Platinum Vortex 2012
play hi-fi  Extinction Level Event 2012
play hi-fi  Other Colder Hells 2012
play hi-fi  Exit: Complete
play hi-fi  Obdurate Order
play hi-fi  Plague Continuum
play hi-fi  August In Suffering
play hi-fi  What Wakes Beneath Time


Now available for streaming -

Vyrmn - "[2012]" EP


1. Time/Space (Per)Version
2. Malignant Gravitational Presence
3. (Machinery Of The) Bleeding Platinum Vortex
4. Extinction Level Event
5. Other Colder Hells

Running time: 26:08

EP will soon be made availabe for free download, complete details TBA.
Why this name?
I am. You are. Humanity is VYRMN.
Band History:
Conceived in early 1998, Vyrmn is the on-going project of multi-instrumentalist Robert Ashley III.
Your influences?
The futility of existence and general disgust and contempt for humanity...
Equipment used:
Vyrmn uses Ibanez, B.C. Rich, Dean, and Schecter guitars and basses,DDrum percussion, Samson microphones, Cubase software, and various Roland, Zoom, Yamaha, and Line 6 gear.
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