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play hi-fi  The Ballad of Roy Moore LAR Vocal UP Mix
play hi-fi  The Ballad of Roy Moore Los Altercocker Rawkers
play hi-fi  D & RLos Altercocker Rawkers091517
play hi-fi  Your AdrenalineTHDRUFF)91417
play hi-fi  Sleeper DazeRUFF091317
play hi-fi  AlikeRUFF091017
play hi-fi  CompetentRUFF083017
play hi-fi  Certain Person
play hi-fi  Cry for Me
play hi-fi  SHAP-SHAF
There is demo stuff here from me solo using loops and multi-tracks for drums and playing/singing all else, collaborations done over the internet, mebbe some occasional live band or live jam stuff, posted as it's done so some is mebbe a little raw ... look for me at b*ndc*mp under "Vlayman" for higher-res files and complete albums.
Why this name?
School nick-name, tautly tattoo'd on my 'taint.
Do you play live?
I try to avoid playing between reincarnations, I like to get out and jam, but puke at the thought of bein' inna cover band. I don't believe in "special moments", except when I find that last set of strings or jar of olives I need. Or the last skinny drunk girl in the bar ...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I am not personally interested in the "music industry"; I just like to make noise, and I vastly prefer *.wav and FLAC.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Bring 'em on; I been waiting a long time. Hell, I'll sign with yer moms, if I haven't already.
Band History:
I've never been inna band that lasted more than 2 years, but that's aiight; it's about the length of all my relationships. That said, in reverse order: scumble, Los Altercocker Rockers, Los Martoonies, MVx2, Bustouts, TFP, Untogether, Denials, Devils, 451, Burnt, Grind.
Still in The Hungry Drunx, scumble, Los Altercocker Rockers and still Vlayman. (Los Martoonies is on hiatus.)
Your influences?
Keef, Woody, Lanegan, Cohen, R. Thompson, F. Thompson, Wynn, Reznor, Homme, Hags, Shaver, Scofield, Flea, Jaco, Sandman, Ambel, Nolen, Corgan, Slovak, O'Brien, Baird, Hodges, Gill, JPJ, Page, Mudhoney, Bauhaus, Simonon, Strummer, M. Jones, S. Jones, Roback, the Reids, R. Butler, N. Young, G. Parsons, Hood & Cooley & Isbell, N. Cline, McCullough & Sergeant, Burgess, Mould, Mascis, Gill, J. White, Zappa, J. Brown, Cave, Ride, Swervedriver, ... & wet farts.
Favorite spot?
G, and Chi-town, Dick & Jane's, and the mote in dog's pie.
Equipment used:
bongs, shot glasses, ice-picks, zip-guns, tire irons, lock-picks, alligator-clips, glass pipes, lead pipes, tasers, Vaseline and kazoos. Also, CEP2.1, plugz, Revelation, Blackstar, Dean, Malekko, Source Audio, Seymour Duncan, Tech 21, Meek, M-Audio, Studio Projects, Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, NOS, Samson, AT, Bellwanger, G&L, Fender, Hamer, Gibson, Epi, Alvarez, Yamaha, Hohner, Rickie, Marshall, Mesa, Harmony, Peavey, Morris, Ibanez, Tannoy, Advent, Auratone, Altec, Universal Audio, Groove Tubes, Summit, Focusrite, dbx, Gyraf, Presonus, DOD, ART, AKG, Shinybox, MXL, Beyerdynamic, Shure, Sennheiser, Fernandes, MusicMan, EHX, Hafler, ADA, Bag End, Celestion, Electar, Kustom, Vox, Tech21, Eden, EV, CAD, dbx, Summit, Presonus, FMR, M-Audio, Yamaha, Visual Sound, Voodoo Labs, Rat-Shack, Peavey, Danalectro, Digitech, Dunlop, Musicman, Zoom, Technics, Blue, Beyer, DOD, Zeus, First Act, ADA, Rat Shack, ADK, Klipsch, Martin, Snark, LP, Orange, Jet City, Dunlop, Way Huge, Superlux, Symetric, Proco, MXR, Cort, Marlboro, Ampeg, Hartke, Modtone, Toadworks, and a buncha other shite.
Anything else...?
Martoonies, Manhattan's, plonk, cougars, GoT, Blacklist, film and book noir, CNN, TOMB, GS, Lewis Black, Carlin, Stewart and Robin Williams, W. Shaw, A. Maggson, C. Johnson, J.L. and A. Burke, Lee Child, Mike & John Connelly, Scalzi, W. Gibson, Eisler, Crais, Butcher, M.A. Collins, Chandler, A.C. Doyle, I. Fleming, Hammet, Bruen, and so very many more ...

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