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the Mishap Crew
Paranoid / Travis Scott Type Beat
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play hi-fi  what the hell is wrong with this person?
This is not a band. This is a community geared towards inducing, by means of hypnosis, subversive actions. Not since Elvis Presley's "Million Dollar Quartet" which brought together Sun Records superstars, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis has there been an artistic collaboration of this magnitude. The Mishap Crew features musical luminaries such as Jonas Ted Bond of the legendary punk bands Craig's Brother and General Handywork as well as the Beebe brothers, Adam and Ryan, who's groundbreaking pop duo, Pope John Paul The Third is adored by millions of Japanese women. Also featuring crap-core giants, Larry Luna, Skinny D, German Cars vs American Homes' James Call, Josha Brazill (of the Future Funk Entertainment Project), Chris "phillipino" Parisi and a cornucopia of others. These enigmatic minds form a singular entity like Voltron to create a type of music previously only heard by the gods.
Why this name?
venereal disease for your soul.
Band History:
I hate freedom.
Your influences?
the mechanical devices which prod my brain also enlighten me beyond your understanding. Leer at god through a crack in the wall. Fondle yourself in public.
Anything else...?
Drunks IN THE KNOW all over the world are talking about THE MISHAP CREW: The perverse sensation that's sweeping this puritan nation! The combined offensivness of these diverse individuals is sure to make YOUR nipples erect! have a drink on us. and say a prayer for THE MISHAP CREW. OR DIE! MOTHERf***ER!
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