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Transcendental Paradigm
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Transcendental Paradigm is a band with one member.. myself. I really just enjoy making music and learning all the different things about it.. what was once just a hobby has now come full circle to become a full on full time project... I basically work and then come home and work on music oriented things.. whether it be writing a song or reading forums and articles on music theory, creation , tips, tricks, you name it.
Why this name?
My band name comes from the time in my life when I switched from just listening to music to actively creating it. It represents a large change and one that I believe has enlightened my life.
Do you play live?
No, i do not play live as of right now, I am just trying to make as many tracks as I can and learn as much as possible... there are so many interesting things to learn and that can be done.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has made it so that even people like myself who make music can make it heard by many many people.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes I would.
Band History:
Transcendental Paradigm has only been around a few months as an actual band, although I started making music around a year ago or so. At the moment it is a full time project that I work on pretty much whenever I'm not at my regular full time job or sleeping. I can very much see myself in a musical career.. whether it be creating tunes for movies, commercials, or just being a technical guy in the background for a studio.. It is not the goal or ever will be my goal to "make a shitload of money with music".. I think too many people/bands get the money in their head and lose track of the artistic side of music that got them involved in the first place.
Your influences?
I am influenced by many genres of music... Alot of electronica music (obviously), classical, blues, and some rock/classic rock. I also gain influence from sounds in everyday life, things you hear around you everyday but may not even notice.
Favorite spot?
well right now i live outside of Chicago, IL... so i guess that would be my spot ;)
Equipment used:
Right now, i use all software plus a midi keyboard and trigger finger drum control surface.
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