Hip Hop
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Diagnosed Manic
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play hi-fi  Can I Wake Up
play hi-fi  I'll Fly With You
play hi-fi  They Dont Really Care About Us
play hi-fi  Its a Party
play hi-fi  Pray For Me
play hi-fi  I'm Ill
play hi-fi  'Out of Left Field'
play hi-fi  Slow and sad
play hi-fi  Another Jigga and Cam feat. brandy - 'Aphrodisiac'
play hi-fi  'BK Brawlers' - Camron feat Jigga
Started out producing a little over 12 years ago. Fell in love with it so here I am.
Why this name?
I dedicated my music ambitions to a friend of mine from childhood. An unfortunate accident ended his life when I was young. His nickname was "teardrop" so I fittingly named the bandname teardrop productions.
Do you play live?
Eh.. Not really interested I just enjoy doing my thing on the computer.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Adds crazy access to free promotion... On the other hand allows artists to spread words, and for others to steal those words...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Might be interested.
Band History:
will explain later.
Your influences?
Nas, Dre, Kanye, Eminem, Paul-Wall, Bun-B, SPM, DJ Screw, KRS One, Yukmouth, Ghost Rhyce, Jedi Mind Tricks, Immortal Technique.
Favorite spot?
Wherever I am. :)
Equipment used:
Fruity Loops 6, Steinberg Cubase 3, Cool Edit Pro 2.6, Audacity 1.6, Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge 7.
Anything else...?
All of my equipment got tossed by my b**** a** ex wife.
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