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NEWS   Debut album "Harmonic Waves" released 2006-03-24!
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Contemplative, instrumental Jazz-Rock music with influences from New Age, Post-Rock and World Music.

Guitarist Titus Köstler-Philipp and pianist Tilman Sommer released their debut album "Harmonic Waves" in 2006. It is a collection of 10 inspiring instrumental tracks with piano and guitar taking turns as lead instrument in a unique balance.

The soulful music of Dokapi has a strong contemplative character. It's a great musical backdrop for daydreaming or for a relaxed evening with friends. Sound enthusiasts will like the variety of sounds by keyboards and guitars and the crystal clear sound of the production.

Listening to this CD over and over will never get boring - there is always something new to discover. Dim the lights, listen and enjoy!
Why this name?
The name DOKAPI stems from the Esperanto du kapoj - two heads.
Your influences?
Jazz-Rock, Post-Rock, New Age und World Music
Equipment used:
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Gibson ES, Aria Acoustic

Keyboards: Ivory VST, Toontrack DFH Superior, Steinberg D'cota, Steinberg Plex, EMU Vintage Keys, Yamaha TX802

Studio: Steinberg Cubase SX3, TC Powercore Firewire, SADiE Classic Mastering Workstation, Quested & JBL Monitoring
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