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Thanks for giving me props on my message board. Your music is tight too! Let me know if you do any performances in the Bay and I'll come through. Good luck with your music.


Devaca has a nice introduction..i like the guitar strings...
dopeness. This track gives me sort of a Latino feel.
This track would be good for a have somethin
that ties in the nice change ups and the mood of the track.
You brought in that bass string....dope!

Just wanted to make sure you get love for dat track homie
Idunno if anyone should flow over it or not....the track
itself is a dope tribute just the way it is....

Cracker Instrumental....your intros are dope and unexpected
when you unleash the beat. Alot of flavor here...I can see
flowin something with adrenaline on this track. The change ups
are butter...leading to the break. This is truly a instrumental
like I said about Dark Shadows...these are songs as they stand
now. Throwing a emcee on them might take away from them
unless done with percision.
your tracks are crazy dope
Keep up the good work
yo u got some dope sh***...u down fo a colabo ? hit me back
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