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Vashti (US)
NEWS   2/14/07 - The next single from "The Beautiful Experience" CD was released on Valentine's Day. It's called "Why I Love You". Check it out and leave us a message about what you think.
3/31/06 - The "hot" new Gospel Neo-Soul debut CD single from Vashti is now released. This project was produced by Alan B (BMI) of What Da Word Say Records, a ministry of Tell The Truth Outreach Ministries. The single is titled Flow (The Spirit is Moving), and it screams of how Vashti has depended on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide her throughout her life! As Christ "The King" is the head of the Body, the Spirit must move and the anointing must flow from the "crown" down. The anointing on this project will break many yokes of bondage! The full version of the debut project, Vashti: The Beautiful Experience, will be released soon.

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What Da Word Say Records presents new Gospel/Neo-Soul recording artist "Vashti"

She's a gift right off the "Tree Of Life," a branch from the vine. She abides in the Father, and the Father definitely abides in her!

Check out her new CD single, Why I Love You at What Da Word Say Records; it's sure to blow your mind!

Vashti is the hottest new artist out there! She can sing and "sign" to the music we praise Him with!!! What an awesome gift.
Why this name?
Vashti is my middle name. I chose to minister through music under this name, because it means "beautiful." It is truly a "Beautiful Experience" to have a relationship with Jesus, and worship Him with all your heart and soul.
Do you play live?
Yes, indeed, anywhere Jesus sends me. First, and foremost, I am a minister of the Gospel. Then, and only then, can Jesus use me to break the many yokes of bondage with the vessel (my voice) that He gave me.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes artists like me more accessible to the listening public.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, and I would suggest that they make a significant donation to the ministry of my current label, What Da Word Say Records, a ministry of Tell The Truth Outreach Ministries.
Your influences?
Jesus, Lisa McClendon, Kindred The Family Soul, Alan B, Nick Soul
Favorite spot?
New York City
Equipment used:
Live musicians or tracks; whatever the Lord provides.
Anything else...?
Just worship the Lord Jesus Christ in all that you do, and He will provide all you need!
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