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The encore track from the legendary RAZOR SHARP 20 Year Reunion jam held March 11, 2006 in Tucson, Arizona USA. Thanks to all who made it out and supported us.
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The return of actual GUITAR PLAYING rooted in the style of Classic 80s Metal.

But its much more than that.

RAZOR SHARP started back in 1986 in Tucson, Arizona. A part of the local music scene for a few years, the band fell apart and everyone went their seperate ways.

BUT.......the kinship and brotherhood had always been there. Various members recorded projects with each other. Everyone stayed friends. Then in 2002, thanks to the internet, brought forth some new recordings from the band.

Now, in 2006, on the heels of a legendary 20 year reunion just held back in Tucson, the band is in the process of even more new material.

Whats unique about the newer material is the musical perspective and diversity now shown with its members-- still playing hard edged rock but with different attitudes and re-fined individual styles.......so stay tuned !!

March 11th, 2006 Tucson, Arizona USA

Wow what a BLAST !! Many thanks to all who showed up for the RAZOR SHARP 20 Year Re-union Jam ......it was very cold, raining and windy and people still came out and supported the band. Many thanks to all of you we really appreciated it !!

"The 2006 Old Pueblo Pilgrimage" was a sucess. As nobody lives in Tucson anymore, all members came in from all over the globe to the jam. Kudos also to my 15 year old nephew Nic, who handled bass duties on some of the tunes-- he stepped up to the plate to jam with the big guns and held his own..... WELL DONE.

Photos posted here. New pics posted.

"SoundClicks FLYING V Club" photo page HERE.
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