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Mama I'm On | (Hook By @iamFredNice)
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NEWS   We are looking for Bansuri pranayama ambassadors ---flutists, musicians, health and wellness practitioners and healers are welcome!
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I create music for relaxation, healing and exercise . It is best recommended for international audience ; Songs are based on bansuri pranayama technique;
Why this name?
playmusickeyboard was initially created to introduce a unique universal method for playing keyboard
Do you play live?
as of yet i combine music when practicing healing sessions; I do not promote any particular religious modality, though i play music from all religious genres. I am a healer and promote music healing, i do not promote any religion nor i am a head of any religious institution.
Your influences?
I believe in the concept of ALL THAT IS. All species generate their valid contribution to existential growth (at any point of time we always grow to enrich the cosmic dance of universe). The songs are a creation of my connection with the various higher aspects of ALL THAT IS ;
Equipment used:
wood flutes,rustle of pages , tap water sounds, anything goes....
Anything else...?
ooh, you can write to me...
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