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The Tallow Candle (based on HC Andersen's tale
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08/17/13 @ 12:53 PM     1 comment
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A song based on H.C. Andersen's fairytale 'The tallow Candle' (Tallelyset).
Dirty South
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I've been writing and playing music for 30 years now and as the technology became better and cheaper I have practiced the difficult task to produce as well. I try to sing, play guitar, bass, keyboard, bluesharp and sometimes a little bit of drums as well, but what I really like is to work with other people on my tunes as well as others and I am honored to list the names of all the great guys and girls who I have collaborated with during the last two years here on Soundclick.:

Vocals/Backing Vocals: Sandra, Holger, Gry, Anne, Kevin Rosenberger, Christina Woods, Lekzee, Jude Law, Christian Jensen, Daniel Svensson, Svenni Bjorgvin, Jenny Liptrot, Claus A., Knud-Erik Jensen, Mariija, Dale Kaul, Rise Larsen, S'mus, Marie Frifelt, Rikke Steffensen.

Drums.: Ole, Mads, Frej, me and Mr. EZ

Guitarsolos.: Finn Frost, Paul Barny, Michael Duran, Steve Belong, Morten Gjermundsen, Eldin, Paul Oakley, Bruce "The Swampman", Carlos Caranza, Mike Marshall, Dale Kaul, Knud-Erik Jensen, Peter Kossek.

Guitar synth.: Michael Duran, Paul Barnes.

Synth.: Bobby Mack, Jacob Bank.

Bass.: Barry Kettery, Rowel.

Flute.: Carlo D'Ana, Dale Kaul

Violin.: Andre Henriquez

Melodica: Rolf Hansen

Songwriter/Producer.: Svenni Bjorgvin,

Lyrics.: Lekzee, Jude Law, Joyce Davis, Christian Jensen, Claus A, Rise Larsen, Marie Frifelt, Holger, S'mus, Rikke Steffensen.

Visit these great artists on their page. You won't be dissapointed.
Why this name?
Well... my parents gave me that last name,
Do you play live?
no live playing - except from the accoustic guitar in the summertime - and a few times to a dinnerparty.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Hopefully more of this could put focus on many good musiscians the recordcompanies didn't gave a chance.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Difficult question. When a hobby becomes work, it tends to lose its magic.
Band History:
As I like arranging and producing, I can't really say that we are an actual band, but I can divide the songs into some projects:

"A touch of Blue".: The biggest project - or at least the one with most songs so far. It features Sandra on lead vocal, Finn Frost on lead and fill guitar, Anne Hansen and Knud-Erik Jensen on backing vocal and I play keys, bass, rhytmguitar and programs the drums.

"Progressive Suite".: A numbers of songs written by some musical friends as well as myself. So far Sandra and Holger has been represented on vocals.

"Circle of Life".: The project with most collaborators. A symphonic/progressive collection of songs that all tell the story about the events on the holidays.

"Letters from Ekaterina". A collection of songs I've made with Ekaterina Jude Law.

"Doggy Day Care" - that's where all my instrumental songs ends up.

The rest of the songs are one big mess of different songs in many genres, I just felt I wanted to do - and offcourse there is the christmas family project I do with my two nieces and family every year.

Your influences?
TOTO is propably my biggest inspiration, but I pick up inspiration from many different genres.
Favorite spot?
Behind the keyboard / PC
Equipment used:
Guitars: Fender Stratocaster (Mex), Dreambow (a great chinese LesPaul copy), Vintage LRS100 arctic white, Yamaki western acoustic with LR Baggs pickups.

Basses.: Warwick 5 strings Rockbass, Yamaha RBX250X Freetless with new Seymour Duncan pickups.

Keyboard: Kurzweil SP2X 88 hammeraction

Mics: Soundking condensator mic for vocaltracking, sure BETA87A and T-Bone SC140 for acoustic guitar.

Monitors & Earphones: ESI 05, and my favourite DT990 Beyerdynamic earphones.

Soundcard: Steinberg UR28M, AVID Eleven Rack for guitar recordings after may 2012.

Audio Software used: Steinberg Cubase, Wavelab Elements

VST-Instrument used:
Steven Slate 4.0 Drums
Native Instruments Vintage Organs, Stringsession Pro, Session Horns, Studio Drummer, West Africa Percussion, The giant, FM9
BestService Babygrand Piano (One of the best piano plugins I have heard so far)
Steinberg PAD station (Great and affordable synth for processing synthpads, synth strings etc).
Izotope Iris
Realivox The Ladies.

VST-Plugins used:
Izotope Alloy 2 channelstrip, Duende Xverb, Slate Digital Virtual Console
IK Multimedia Amplitude Bass, Waves Imager, Waves Center, Waves L2 maximizer.
Izotope Ozone 5 (a really nice program for mastering).
Meldaproductions MVolume, MMultiAnalyzer, MAutoalign

A good advice: NEVER buy at the full Price. Almost every month the vst producents are sending different plugins on sale for half of the list Price, so there is a lot of Money to save if you can be patient. Keep an eye on Black Friday
Doggy Day Care
Circle of Life
From Studio HGV5
Mind Spins
A touch of Blue
Progressive Suite
Another touch of Blue
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