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'Sci-fi related noise for complete idiots' was the sales slogan and Mikes Hyper Sonic Mega Deathray was the 'band'. Combining an alto ego, a love of Science Fiction, metal and stupidity. MHSMD formed in January 2005. The idea was to create one of the heaviest sounds ever and rant about subjects nobody cared about.

The 'Bring Questions' EP followed in May that year and was produced in a shoe box size bedroom using a bass, some Star Trek action figures, MP3 drum loops, a death metal effects pedal and a VHS player to cut soundclips. The noise was then compiled on a laptop using free sofware. The results revealed exactly why such production software was free. Sales climbed to a staggering 21 with Mike charging nothing for a copy of the action.

An opening slot at the Dry Bar in Manchester on October 15th 2005 was the beginning and the end of MHSMD. Far exceeding any expectations, a crowd of approximately 53.4 witnessed 'Bring Questions' live.

Mike himself continued with the 4 string and played for Leicestershire based indie anthenmer's Zatopek. Playing a series of gigs across England before the band ceased play in December 2005. It was at this point Mike Deathray began to take shape.

After a series of chats with former Zatopek guitarist and good friend Guy, and after witnessing an awe-inspiring gig of his acoustic/pedal driven solo project Red Riviera. Mike decided to go for something 'one man' once again. A solo project using bass guitar, a loop station and multiple bass effects. Taking inspiration from a variety of bands, characters and life experiences, Mike Deathray stood up.

Keeping part of the MHSMD name to preserve a degree of insanity, Mike Deathray sings, talks, shouts and mumbles rants and observations about life and what is thrown at us.

Three songs make up the MD list so far.

1. Mint Condition Guided Munition (society based bass driven rant)

2. Croc One (low fi tribute to Steve Irwin)

3. The Terrordrome (hard hitting instrumental to beat up a loved one to)

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Its given an enourmous amount of music and opportunity to many people.

Whether thats good or bad is a lengthy rant I may cover later
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, because I am a mug.
Band History:
Lets make one first eh'
Your influences?
Art Alexakis, Brand New, Deftones, Doves, Red Riviera, The Fall, The Smiths, Wes Borland.
Favorite spot?
Jaques kebeb gaff. Prestwich, Manchester.
Equipment used:
Musicman Stingray (OLP)
Fender Tele custom
AKAI Headrush E2
Boss ME-50b
Pedals (I borrow all sorts)
Keyboards - sh*** ones
Various 'secret' items to produce evil/beautiful/ambient/torture sounds
And various household items and gadgets to produce atmosphere and ambience
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