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Sandamukal Artist
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play hi-fi  Yawzi of GR - Egknutz of Sayonatzi
play hi-fi  Tabe Lahat II
play hi-fi  Tabe Lahat (sandamukal west)
play hi-fi  Gulat ka ba
play hi-fi  Here we go
play hi-fi  Inpulepek
play hi-fi  MadPropz
play hi-fi  Salamangkera Represent
play hi-fi  Madraztah Reprezent
play hi-fi  HupbalahapReprezent

Welcome Sa The Ocho.. newest member ng Sandamukal Family..
Sandamukal West
coast Krew

+ Cavite Cali
+ Ipiteno
+ Inamorataz
+ Nuestra Familia
+ Pedro Penduko Krew
+ Verzikhulo
+ Majestric Trio family
+ Hupbalahap
+ Tandem Krew
+ Dos Hombres

Sandamukal Eastcoast Krew

+ Bagwis
+ Sumakumlaude
+ Armadoz
+ Sayonatzi

Sandamukal Canada Krew

+ Taong Gago
+ Doz Armados

Sandamukal Europe Krew

+ Trez K
+ Flipcydaz
+ Quatro Elemento

Sandamukal Pinas Krew

+ Baztard Zyndhikate
+ Godzplann

Sandamukal Intercontinental Krew

+ Extinto
+ Madraztah
+ Karpintero Klan
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