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amy matthew
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play hi-fi  Girl in the Corner Country version
play hi-fi  Cant Go Back
play hi-fi  Throwing it all away-Rich Eagle
play hi-fi  you are
play hi-fi  Find our way Back Home-Ray Covington
play hi-fi  Rain Drop
play hi-fi  Without You
play hi-fi  Fly you around the world
play hi-fi  Loop de Loop
play hi-fi  Forever
Hello Soundclick fans and fellow songwriters etc! How are you? My name is Amy Matthew and I am a ASCAP lyricist from Orlando! I have been in the industry for a while now and have had the extreme pleasure of working with many people you know and others you have not yet! I love to collaborate with everyone and anyone as you never know where the next hit song will come from! I am currently working with or have worked with previously Josh Hand (was on the Voice), Yanns Matisse, Marysol Johnson, Regina Snyder, Brock Storm, Britney Fuentes (from Triple Image), Trey Payton, DJ Say, Shaun Gray, Melissa Hammerlie, Ray Covington, Christen Dawn, Kelci Page just to name a few artists. Please visit my official site at www.amymatthewlyricist and check out my music! Thank you for visiting my page and checking out my writing! I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next hit song! I can write lyrics in the following genres: Pop, Rock, RB, Country, Jazz, Blues and Gospel/Christian!
Why this name?
its my own name=P
Do you play live?
n/a-my artists do!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I think it has opened many doors that were not there as easily. I think people are hungry for something new and different this has allowed artists to be more creative. It has taken some of the control away from the labels and allowed the indie music scene to grow and expand. I think it is amazing!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I hope to always be a good writer and in most levels a mainstream writer so yes I want to work with the majors and the indie artists.
Band History:
I have been writing for a LONG time-over six years now. I have had success with mainstream and indie artists but I am always growing. I would love to work with any creative artists, producers and hungry like-minded professionals that want to work with me. I am in this for the music and you never know where or who will help you make the next hit song. I am very proud of the quality of my work and I am very easy to get along with so please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I could be a great fit for your project.
Thank you and Godbless!
Your influences?
Everyone and everything!!! If its a good song that I am sure I have been influenced by it somehow.. Love, Loss, happiness,sorrow, my husband, breakups you name it I am influenced by LIFE!!!
Favorite spot?
Florida,Austrailia,France,Germany,Hawaii,Los Angeles, New York, Memphis
Equipment used:
My pen and my notebook the producers and artists take care of the rest!
Anything else...?
I am a lyricist/songwriter who LOVES music and who needs to write inspiring songs people can hopefully relate to. I am always open to any comments and gratefully respect the love and support that I have been given. I hope you enjoy my music and thanks so much again.
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