Dance Music for Grownups
Left Alone (x Frenzy Frenchy)
New School
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play hi-fi  TLA
play hi-fi  Let Her Go, Venus
play hi-fi  Blue Movie
play hi-fi  Lookin For Love
play hi-fi  BJ on the Dance Floor
play hi-fi  Hot Mama
play hi-fi  Island Email
play hi-fi  Socks And Shoes
play hi-fi  (The House Is) Upside Down
play hi-fi  Grandson Of Mr. Green Genes
Take one unknown singer songwriter, add a top studio rhythm section (Booker T and the MGs, the Meters, the Funk Brothers), some heavy hitter session guitarists (Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Graham Coxon) and electronica savvy producers (Chris Walla, Ben Watt, Brian Eno) and you have Dance Music for Grownups, the new album from Washington DC's Ram Sadasiv.
Why this name?
I was trying to combine electronic instruments with songs that addressed adult themes.
Your influences?
Prince, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Rolling Stones
Equipment used:
Pro Tools, FLStudio, Epiphone Les Paul, Squier Telecaster, Squier P/J Bass, Seymour Duncan pickups, PODxt, Jamstix, Addictive Drums, Reason, Rapture, Lounge Lizard, B4, Camel Space, Voxengo
Anything else...?
I can often be found on the Harmony Central Songwriting Forum
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