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The Bard Brothers
Dirty Laundry
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We are the "finest acoustic duo ever to originate from the English faculty in the history of Hornell High School". Okay, only. We have been an entity for over a decade, though each of us has played for many years.
Why this name?
Attributable to Barb McBride, esteemed colleague, who suggested the name as an alternative to "Berardi and DeMarco" or, more ingeniously, "DeMarco and Berardi".
Do you play live?
We have been playing in the Hornell area. We enjoy the ever-changing crowd and atmosphere there and the fact that nobody heckles incessantly for "Baby, I'm Amazed", especially after we've just played "Maybe I'm Amazed". You think that this description is bad? You should have been there.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Tim recalls an interview with Elvis Costello in which Declan McManus declares that the age album (one to five great songs with filler) is dead. It is now the age of the song, for the song's sake. He may be right.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Uh... yeah.
Band History:
It started as a lark playing the inaugural coffee house at Hornell High and has turned into a Carvin 1000 watt PA and a debut CD, entitled FOLIO, up to QUARTO. Damian contributes his seemingly vast store of "organically developed" tunes and Tim adds the critically attentive producer's, director's, and listener's ear. The end product is... you decide.
Your influences?
Oh, lord... we're still trying to figure out who we sound like. Let's just say that we cover a diaspora of songs, from Spoon and Radiohead to CCR and Dave Mason.
Favorite spot?
To keep face here at home-- Hornell. But Stratford, Ontario is up there.
Equipment used:
We mentioned the Carvin PA. Tim plays a Takamine, Damian a Seagull. We record with Audacity, a freeware multi-track recording program.
Anything else...?
We've had a great time so far, honing our skills as composers, performers, and producers. Great thanks to Jim Anderson for getting our feet wet in the studio, Anton for the gig support, The Brothers Testani for the gigs, our colleagues and students for the praise, and Nik, Whitney, Emily, Pati, and Kristy for helping with some songs.
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