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Black Gate
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play hi-fi  Getting Stronger - 2555 Marshall
play hi-fi  You Should Know - Marshall Slash
play hi-fi  In Love - Alessandro English
play hi-fi  I'll Be There For You - Marshall Slash
play hi-fi  Alessandro English
play hi-fi  Celestion Blues Solo - Alessandro English
play hi-fi  Demo - Alessandro English
I'm a solo instrumentalist/guitarist - Been playing for +/- 30 years professionally and own a recording studio which has been operatin successfully for 20 years
Why this name?
Black Gate filter caps used in Alessandro amps
Do you play live?
I play live ocasionally but mainly do studio work
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It helps musicians getting discovered by linking everyone and taking out footwork.
it frees musicians from small time agents with "connections"
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes as the major labels have the major money and without promotion capital a record gets no exposure and is at a disadvantage
Your influences?
Dave Gilmour, Dan huff, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Carlos Rios, Joe Satriani, Robben Ford, Peter Green,
John Scofield, Santana ( pre 80's )
Favorite spot?
Cape Town (South Africa) + L.A.
Equipment used:
Santana 2 (year 2000)
Alessandro English+ 4x12 Marshall 1960BV cab - 4 Celestion Vintage 30's
Vox 2x12 cab - 2 Celestion Blues
Marshall Slash signature+ 4x12 Greenbacks marshall cab