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Why this name?
We all know that the word MANTEQUILLA is butter. We chose this name because wala lang. hehehe We just love to hear it. :)
Do you play live?
We play live, like what other bands do.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If they're interested from us, why not sign contract from any label.. But our music written in our own dialect, Cebuano. They only want english or tagalog..
Band History:
Sa lungsod sa PINAMUNGAJAN... SALIPADA (drums), JOWELL (bass) were classmates during highschool. They really love to hear music of KORN and DEFTONES, then decided to form a band. Then, NEEFREY (guitar) were at same school also steps in the band for guitar. KARLO ABELGAS entered the band for vocals but for some reason we had to replace karlo to CLIFF JUDE (vocals), JUDE is the younger brother of NEEFREY. But we're all barkada since grade school.

2005 , the band decided to make a BISAYA song.. then decided to pick another one for guitar, Then, RYAN (guitar) is our close friend, and our neighbor in our apartment where we staying. Then we let him in to play for the band. All our songs was recorded in ZZubu. by Mr. PAUL CANADA.

Your influences?
Deftones, Korn, Missing Filemon etc.
Favorite spot?
San Francisco, California. Canada
Anything else...?
Our album self-titled, MANTEQUILLA is now available in MANU,2nd floor Elizabeth Mall, Cebu City, Philippines. and, Handuraw Cafe, M.J Cueno Mabolo Cebu City
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