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Video-Documentary on Palestine
Favorite spot?
Chicago, IL
Anything else...?
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i like your music it is very original and put together well keep doing ya thing
check me out sometime
Hi, I`m a Rapper & make a mixtape. I like your Style, your Beatz are very TIGHT! Please contact me at (
I pay also for Beatz, Peace!
Jabbar! Whad up fool! It's Tony, From the Chi. Long time. Nice new track/beat. I was listening to that track with the Luchini beat. I cracked a smile when I heard my name....Man, we had some good times.....Alright motherf***er, Keep the Faith!!!
your new track is soundin good jabar.

it sounds tu-pac-ish

you know where to come promote it at:
thnx for stopping by.,

i'll go check out your new track.

just made a new board.

you will love it!

it's at:

c u there
Whats goin on player...just showin support, great NEW sh*** homie...keepin it underground and not swaying to the mainstream....I like that.....even in the Mideast you keppin it Midwest..that shows character....alright bud, Holler at ya
Anthony M. PEACE
Wow, how far you have come. My homie, I hope you come back to Chi-town this summer to a king's reception and you drop this sh***.

Thought to post tonight because I started playing "How I Feel" and...holy sh***. My friend, this has the potential to blow the roof off radio stations. First time I heard it, didn't really think so. But I've had this song in my head for the last week. Hdawg, this is THE single. Release this first, and your jaw will drop as you become the next big thing.

My man.
wats good kid its been like a year lol. im back check out my new freestyle and lets make that collab happen by the summer. i peeped your stand up demo hot sh***, keep me posted about the album i'm puttin somthin new out myself next month. pZ 1
Hey Jabbar! Don't know if you remember me or not(from tupacboard) but just wanted to say your sh*** it hott!!! Hit me up sometime, I'd love to hear from ya!
waz up hommie.....i like ur sh*** itz so damn good..i hope we can do sumthin togetha ha....lil thug
Hit me up at my email( and leave a email then ill send you some beats
Hey hit me up a and let me know what info u need. late
Northcali, I'm actually movin to the middle east for about a year and a half and i'll be workin on my album...if u want leave ur email and i can send u a CD with some tracks of mine to ur home address. hit me back cat

Salamalikum , hey where can i purchase your cd ? you music is nice with nice powerful lyrics . let me know thakns
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