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Eljam’s music is driven by powerful lyrics and equally robust guitar riffs.

Victor McGhee wrote most of the lyrics and the general melodies for the tunes, with each band member usually writing his own part. Mike Wich played guitar, Billy Armstrong played bass and Paul Vourderis played drums. Victor also played rhythm guitar and was the lead singer, while Mike occasionally provided back-up vocals.

Thanks to 2006 technology, Victor appears on this compilation from 2499 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona. His parts were recorded in Black Canyon City Studio.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, an understudy (Mike) played all of the instruments. With respects to Billy’s massive bass lines, Paul’s innovative drum style and Victor’s Ovation-based acoustic rhythm guitar playing, Mike has tried to be as true as possible to the original performances of the original members of the band.
Why this name?
We used to record at a friend's house. His name was Elia (Elly) so, partly it came from jamming there, but later on we realized there was a lumber yard that we used to pass on the way to practice called "New Eljam Products". It must have been subconcious playing tricks on us.
Do you play live?
We never officially played anywhere live it was more of a recording project, now we're spread across the country.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's allowing this project to come to closure and for new music to continue. In our case it's wiping out the problems inherent in creating music long distance.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Absolutely, who wouldn't?
Your influences?
Beatles, The Who, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Elton John, Al DiMeola, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and of course Led Zeppelin.
Equipment used:
Ibanez RG-1570 Prestige Series Electric Guitar
Fender Telecaster (1969) Electric Guitar
Ovation Balladeer and
Ovation LX-1777 Acoustic Guitar
Peavey Foundation Bass
Boss/Roland GT-6 Guitar Processor
Shure SM-58 Vocal Microphones
Zoom MRS-802B Multitrack Recorder
Yamaha MG 16/4 Mixing Board
Sennheiser headphones
‘Cool’ brand picks (a must for Mike’s style of playing, they’re indestructible!)
D’Addario Guitar Strings (Only broke about a dozen)
MRS Pattern Editor for the Zoom Drums
Nero WaveEditor for Post-production
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