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Ode to Dick and Jane
Rock : Folk Rock
This song was recorded live at The Tin Angel in Phila, PA. Ellen Lerner on Piano, and Jim Boggia on guitar.
A SoundClick Top 100 song
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"Talk With God"
Rock : Folk Rock
I wrote this song about my Father. I lost him when I was young, and I feel he is always with me!
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Take All The Time That You Need (Live)
Pop : Pop General
Basically, just about someone who really loves someone and is letting them take their time, no pressure, the way it should be!
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You're your own worst enemy.
Rock : Folk Rock
I will just simply say Karma! Sometimes a song can be the best outlet...and the best revenge......
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Motherless Child
Rock : Folk Rock
Sometimes when you share a child with someone it can be quite hard. I wrote this so one day my child would understand.....
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'Jerry's song'
Rock : Folk Rock
Wrote this song the night Jerry Garcia died. They play it on WXPN a radio station here in Philadelphia...