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Yet another amateur one man band. I started composing and writing at the age of 13. I started off playing electronic organ, later acoustic, electric and bass guitars. Played in a few local rock bands, but for some reason I was never really happy about the way things went. So at the age of 18 I decided to become a one man band. In 1982 I released my first official audio cassette tape "The truth UR afraid of". Followed by each year two more cassettes. In 1992 I threw my instruments into the closet and started using so called "Tracker editors", making me able to use "any instrument" I could ever dream of. Meaning my sound dramatically changed trough the years. These days I hardly release new CD's (mostly one a year). However I don't create every week another new song, as I did before. I keep on ticking....

More information on Tracker Editors in this Wikipedia article:
Why this name?
Well, because it's my name ;)
Do you play live?
No, I'm a typical Studio Artist and too shy to perform Live!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
One of the great advantages of the Interet is that the distance between artists and fans has faded away. Fans can stay in tough with their idols. They don't have to wait any longer until the greedy record company releases another album. Fans can download individual songs and don't have to download (and thus pay) for the songs they don't like. This gives the "consumer" unlimited Freedom.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Nope, I want my work to be Free as in Free Speech.
Band History:
Well, there is not much of a history, remember I'm only a hobbyist.
Your influences?
Starting of with Mike Oldfield. I found out he made his entire work on his own, so I thought, OK, if he can do it, i can do it too... right? But honestly to give you any useful idea of what my music sounds like, you could call it a mix between between Oldfield, Jean-Michelle Jarre, Alice Cooper, the Exploited, Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, the Cure and Enigma... Sounds strange? you bet it does ;)

You could call it: Ambent trance/club electro rock...
Favorite spot?
Tel-Aviv, Berlin and Amsterdam.
Equipment used:
From 1980 up to 2002 I had a analogue Home Recording Studio, called Ha Menora. I used two cassete tape decks, and a 4-track tape deck, a professional mixer and professional microphones. My instruments where:

* Acoustic guitar;
* a few electric guitars;
* Bass guitar;
* Curna Saz (small Turkish snare instrument);
* Zurna (Turkish oeboe);
* Davul (Arabic drum);
* 5 Casio Keyboards
* GEM electronic orgain.

The nerve system of my MIDI network was a Commodore-Amiga 500 with a so called MIDI-BOX (connected to the RS232C-port).

From 1992 up to 2013 I used Computers with so called "Tracker Editors".

Currently in use:

* PC: Medion Akoya E2116 i3-3228/8 GiB RAM/ on-board Intel HD sound-chip;
* Operating System: Martix GNU/Linux 15.10
* DAW: Audacity.

Current instruments (Updated November 2014):

* Muse Acoustic Guitar (/w Metal strings);
* Phoenix E-100 Electric Guitar;
* Dimavery PB-320 Bass Guitar;
* Casio CTK-3200 Keyboard;
* Aleisis DM6-USB Electric Drumkit;
* Devine PRO-USB1 Condenser Studio Microphone /w Shock Mount;
* the above mentioned Computer configuration.
Anything else...?
Unfortunately, moving to my new apartment in 2002 my audio cassettes, including the ones of Cheese Devils got lost. I know they must be somewhere out there. But where, is the question. So for now only my Audio CD's, I produced since 1997 are still available. This means that the majority of my work (40 audio cassettes) got lost. Oh well, Sh1t happens :-p
Blame it on the Jews
Hasbara Sleve
Posing with Dimavery PB-320 Bass
Posing in front of my Casio CTK-3200 Keyboard
Playing Electric Guitar
Posing in front of my Aleisis DM6USB Drum Kit
Playing Aucustic Guitar
Playing Keyboards
Casio CTK-3200 Keyboard
Phoenix E110 Electric Guitar
Aleisis DM6 E-drum