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ninja spice
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01/17/11 @ 12:37 PM     1 comment
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Sean Divine
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I was born in the center of a lotus flower, then raised by wolves.

I got into music mostly from herbie hancocks "rock-it" and went from electro to hiphop, then to industrial.
Why this name?
because i'm exactly like a cross between ginger spice and a robot ninja.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
hell yeah.
Band History:
i've been making stuff for a long while, but only really for my self. i figured rather than have an empty fridge all the time, i should try and sell stuff.

doesn't work though, people are too stingy.
Your influences?
my main influences at the moment are industrial artists. at the moment particularly, angelspit, aural vampire, baal, combichrist

also i listen to almost anything japanese - from aural vampire to zeebra. i particularly like japanese punk girl bands like tsushimamire, red bacteria vacuum and bleach03

i used to listen to a lot of other types of music too, like hip-hop, funk and reggae, so there are elements of those in what i do.
Favorite spot?
i used to live in canterbury. it was nice there. now i live in thanet.
Equipment used:
like i'm gonna tell you my secret forumulae.

plus it's embarrasingly low-tech
Anything else...?
On the whole, my tracks are listed in upload order so it's best to look at the top of the list, or page one.
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