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NEWS   Kelley Jean will be performing at the Detroit Erotica Ball on May 11th 2013
Kelley Jean- Ride IT ( Uncensored )
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Just when thought it could not get any hotter. Ride IT has been remixed and released by VJ Strokenfold and this version has a lot more heat coming off of it. RIDE IT was produced by Dan Diamond and Silent Riot, Detroit Michigan
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Kelley Jean's red-HOT sex appeal and high energy music have been combined into a fabulous and sexy high-tech stage show utilizing syncronized lights and video reminiscent of Madonna. KJ's music is written & produced by the Motorcity producer known as JP, in collaboration with some of the worlds hottest techno and electronic artists. KJ lend's her lyric writing capabilities and her seasoned sultry voice and her naughty style to complete the package.
Why this name?
Kelley Jean is my actual name! Alot of people also call me 'KJ'
Do you play live?
I performed on stages since the tender age of 9 (doing musical theater) and in the past few years I have been the lead singer and dancer in my own 'burlesque/cabaret' style show. So being on stage is definitely not a new thing for me. I have performed my techno music a few times, mainly at nightclubs, and I'm telling you that it is an absolute RUSH to be able to share my art with people who enjoy it!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is a great place to be seen and heard! A few years ago there were only flyers to be passed out, word-of-mouth and very few options as to how to get your name 'out there'... With the internet you've got access to millions of people daily! MYSPACE has been a major help.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the unique situation, and it will be figured out when and if that time arises!
Band History:
I met the producer, JP in '06 via MYSPACE. He had asked me to record vocals on some dance/techno tracks, so he came to my house and we recorded a couple of songs. It wasn't until I had actually heard a finished song that I realized we could be ONTO SOMETHING! So we've been recording together ever since! The music is then sent over to Europe where Martjin J. aka 'Electric Fun Factory' Puts his special mixes and twists on the tracks. We will have a finished cd within the next couple of months.
Your influences?
Madonna, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Christina Aguilera, Rockell, Angelina, Gwen Stefani, Miss Kitten, K-5, Sonique, Crystal Method, Berlin, Gillette, Lords of Acid, Traci Lords, Etc.... We try to appeal to the techtonik dancers in Europe, the ravers of Detroit, and the techno/house lovers worldwide...
Favorite spot?
DETROIT has a great clubbing AND rock and roll scene. It's very well known that most artists LOVE playing here! Techno music was started in Detroit! I also love Miami Beach and Ybor City (in Florida.)
Equipment used:
The boys edit with 'Cakewalk', Sonar, Cubase, and FruityLoops. I use my vocal skills, my lyric writing capabilities, and my sexiness!
Anything else...?
Thanks for visiting me here at SOUNDCLICK.COM/KELLEYJEAN and please show me some LOVE by purchasing one of my MP3's! It would mean the world to me! Also be sure to check us out at:
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