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play hi-fi  01. RnB 55 (Beautiful) (Extended)
play hi-fi  02. RnB 53 (Sunshine) (Extended)
play hi-fi  03. RnB 54 (Take it Slow) (Extended)
play hi-fi  04. RnB 48 (Cyber Love) (Extended)
play hi-fi  05. RnB 57 (Bongaloo) (Extended)
play hi-fi  06. RnB 56 (Tonite) (Extended)
play hi-fi  07. RnB 29 (Extended) (Slow Jammin)
play hi-fi  08. RnB 40 (Extended) (I Like You)
play hi-fi  09. RnB 28 (Extended) (Memories v2)
play hi-fi  10. RnB 44 (Extended) (Smooth Cruisin) (Redone)
Joey Ofori is Smooth4Lyfe, an artist who motivates with his lyrics and entertains with his music. He has a passion for all styles of music, which keeps him going in this ever changing industry. With his addictive dance beats and urban flavors, he hopes that his listeners will be motivated and inspired by his music as well as entertained by his music. To Smooth4Lyfe, music is a part of the fabric of existence. His pure talent and devotion enable him to craft songs that send beats to your brain that hit all the minds happy sensors. Up and coming from Maryland, Smooth4Lyfe has had music played in different parts of the world. His music adventure started in 2005 with a computer and a small turntable. Since then he has evolved into one of music’s most diverse artists. With his passion for music, he incorporates all styles and genre into his music from electronica, to rock, to hip hop. Good music has the power to move others physically and mentally, and to Smooth4Lyfe, music with a positive message can help change the world in ways unimaginable. When people listen to music, they learn not only from the music, but from the lyrics, and when people listen to his music will definitely change the way people think. Smooth4Lyfe has been able to separate his music from the hardcore rap of today, but is still able to connect with his listeners with and old school flavor, but new school style. He brings delicious dance beats and urban flavors that embrace the best of Hip Hop, R&B, and music today. His positive, clean, and motivational messages in his lyrics will keep his listeners embraced while they dig into his music. His song "Drop That" was nominated for the 2008 L.A. Music Awards for Hip Hop Single of the Year
Why this name?
My nickname is Smooth..and I added the "4Lyfe", so its Smooth4Lyfe
Do you play live?
Havent considered it
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows artist to easily share their music with other listeners around the world to enjoy and artists can get known
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Pharrell Williams, N.E.R.D., Lupe Fiasco, Lil Jon, and all New Generation and Old Generation music
Equipment used:
Fruity Loops
Anything else...?
NOTE: Most of these beats are not mastered, but can be mastered upon request, just tell me which ones u want and I can master them for you

Just Hope You All Enjoy My Music..If yall wanna buy any of the beats, holla @ me

and also, just because my beats say Hip Hop, or dont mean that it has to be that genre, u cam make it wateva u want

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