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Madder Than You
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Howdy Kids!
Some of the tunes posted here are the result of collaborative efforts, but most were solo creations ;)
Some are remixes of other's work and demos of other's software creations/tools...but all were created because they had to be. For some of us, music is a compulsion- much like breathing. Hope ya like the tunes- I did'em because they had to be done.
Why this name?
kind of on a whim. In July 05 2005, I discovered that Nine Inch Nails was having a remix project for their new (at the time...) single from With Teeth, "Only". It was being hosted on myspace.com...and upon initially perusing the profiles of those who'd entered the fray...well, it just seemed like a big angst fest...so what better name to call me than "Madder Than You"?
Later, I discovered that there was quite a bit of REAL talent participating in that project (...despite all the trappings, posturing and appearances!) and I made some great friends with whom I will stay in contact!
...so "Madder Than You" it is...
Do you play live?
used to. When I was part of a little ensemble called "Those Damned Johnstons". Though they played the "Dragon Con" in ATL for several years, I was only involved with one of those years and performing for 2000 crazy comics collectors and RP gamers was a helluva lot of fun, but I'd say amongst the many memorable moments of the TDJ years was a very intimate (maybe 50 people were there...including the band...) performance at the 14th st playhouse- I forget what the cause was, but I still have the mental image of Ken- our bassist, singer, frontman- licking chocolate Jello pudding off the floor...and it WAS in conjunction with our performance, I'm certain. We were 50% rock and roll/50% side show freak act...it was a blast.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
music industry is like a BIG boat in the water: it's gonna take a long time for it to turn around/react to the changes that are now common in technology regarding audio duplication today. I don't have the answers for them, but I do know that when people like Prince and Kenny Rogers are making more money now as independents than they ever did when they were signed with major labels...something's got to give!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Only after employing the best legal rep I could afford ;)
Band History:
sort of covered that in the "how did you get your band name" section, but I've been making noise since I was 5 and that was a LONG time ago. I've been using the computer to make noise since 92. My first music machine was an AT&T 8086 box with a 5 (!!!) MHz processor. It actually ran Voyetra's sequencer gold classic...but when I upgraded to a 33Mhz windows machine, I had to re work ALL my tunes in which I used my Akai S2800s sampler. The sync times were all off due to the differences in processor speed ;P
over the years, I've messed about with lots of different hosts, but I've finally settled on 2: Ableton's LIVE and Energy XT. With these and an army of vst/vsti plug ins, I make the noise I want to....hope you enjoy it.
Your influences?
I like music that sounds good. I create what I feel like creating. Sometimes that 80's pop. sometimes thats weird triphop glitch dub. Sometimes it's cold goth instrumental.
So- I'm pretty sure I'm influenced by everything I listen to...and over the years, that's a lot of different kinds of music
Favorite spot?
where there are no cell phones and there are more birds than people.
Equipment used:
whatever's handy- then, the computer, Ableton Live and Energy XT
Anything else...?
I really dig Soundclick, but the one thing I immediately don't like (...and I do understand it's importance...)
I dislike having to "categorize" my material. I reeeeaally hate the way that music (something that has always represented a form of freedom to me) over the past decade has been "subcompartmentalized" to the point of nausea..I mean, when it's necessary for a site like Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music to even exist (http://www.di.fm/edmguide/# ) something is wrong...I mean don't get me wrong but there aren't even as many varieties of cheese as there are house music! (BTW-I think Ishkur's site is invaluable just to keep track of what's what! Us old folks only had 4 tv stations growing up in the States, for God sake!...let alone 16 different kinds of rap!)
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