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Michael Stone
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Billy Joel meets Santana and Marc Cohn......

Michael Stone is a singer/songwriter and radio personality intent on sharing his music with a wider audience. Thoughtful, inspired music with a touch of the poetic and a strong voice to deliver that message.Born a young boy in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, in the Caledonia Mountains, I've ventured far and wide. Growing up in Germany and France as an army brat then traveling the USA as a musician and radio personality. After countless moves through the Atlantic coast, Florida, to Des Moines, to Detroit to Boise to Wichita, Indiana and finally settling in Colorado. I've been writing since I picked up the guitar at 11 and singing even longer. I majored in music in college while supporting myself with gigs and being on the air.
Do you play live?
Colorado. Performing in a variety of venues and has performed everywhere from large centers to coffee-houses and everywhere in between.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is the opportunity for every type of performer/writer/singer to find an audience.Finding the way to attract and develop an audience that is interested in my particular style of music is the ultimate challenge.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, but it certainly is no longer a necessity. Getting signed and selling huge numbers of CD's is not the goal. Sharing the music with those who relate to the messages and performances is paramount. If there are few bucks in the pocket along the way, all the better.
Band History:
Michael Stone has performed across the USA in every size venue. From large civic centers to small coffe houses and everywhere in between. A music major (voice major/piano minor) and composeer of every genre of music, singer/songwriter is the most prevelant. Live performances are great, but writing,recording and producing remain the emain focuse at this point. Michael is a radio personality and has been on the air for 35 plus years. This is just another of many passions.

CD available now at http://MichaelStoneMusic.com
Your influences?
Everyone from Billy Joel to Cat Stevens with influences from the Beatles to Santana. Blues, rock and also classical influences include Mozart, Edvard Grieg and many others. If it's musical it's of interest.
Favorite spot?
Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park, Colorado.
Equipment used:
Ovation electric acoustic. Yamaha PSR 550 Keyboard,Wechter Pathfinder, and Ovation acoustic, Ibanez and Fender electrics, Yamaha AW 2818 digital recorder, Samplitude, Adobe Audition. Sonar 6 Producer, Rode, Shure, Audio Technica mikes.
Anything else...?
All comments are greatly appreciated and suggestions on production ideas, ie: instrumentation, production techniques etc. would be greatly appreciated. I would like to hear what others would do with this music if it were theirs.
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