Jocelyn Flores (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE)
New School
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play hi-fi  Oh Pretty Woman
play hi-fi  Hard To Handle
play hi-fi  Crossfire
play hi-fi  Mary Long
play hi-fi  While My Guitar Gently Weeps
play hi-fi  Too Rolling Stoned
play hi-fi  Day Of The Eagle
play hi-fi  Sultans Of Swing
play hi-fi  Thank God It's Friday
play hi-fi  I Can Fly
I don't have a band right now but I've played in plenty of them. Mostly what you hear is just me and the help of computer recording technologies.
Why this name?
I live in a state known for potatoes so it only makes sense, right?
Do you play live?
I play out occasionally and really love the interaction of good players making magic. I become most creative when interacting with others.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the deal really.
Band History:
I've toured the USA and Canada for years and played throughout the Rocky Mountain region. I write, play guitar and sing.
Your influences?
I play a variety of styles with my own personality very present. I really love progressive music and love to play funk and edgier rock/blues inspired material.
Favorite spot?
The mountains of central Idaho and south central Montana captivate me. They are so vast, beautiful and peaceful.
Equipment used:
I have a huge collection of guitars around 55. My main guitar is a Musicman Luke closely followed by Strats, Telecasters and a variety of Ibanez guitars. I use 30-50 watt combo amps mostly and have a wide array of effect pedals and processors.
Anything else...?
If you are looking for a player for your band or a touring guitarist please get in touch with me.