LEAF (Collab W/ Blu Majic Beat Co.)
Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Fock - Bad Boy (Live)
play hi-fi  Just Never Works (Live)
play hi-fi  Waking Up (Live)
Josh - Vocals, Guitar
James - Guitar
Glynn - Drums, Vocals
James - Bass
Why this name?
We are completely devoid of an ability to think creatively.
Band History:
In September(ish) of 2005, four young hoodlums from various parts of the UK were united under the sacred cause... the will to funk. Forever in gratitude to the University of Warwick Bandsoc for providing the platform from which we could form, we aim to wow, entertain, amuse, mildly irritate, bore and outright offend audiences within the Coventry/Leamington area.

The history of the band members is scurrilious to say the least. Our drummer Glynn, the senior citizen of the group, had set out to form a funk-rock machine following the disbandment of his former band, the Buffalo Soldiers. Amid the torrents of young, eager wannabe starlets who had joined the uni in the Autumn of 2005, three freshers came forward to complete the lineup; Josh,with his St Albans ghetto roots and a history in the hardcore scene would serve on the vocal and six-string front; the bassist James, a down-and-out, still carring the scars of a series of dodgy punk, ska and Jamie Cullem cover groups, was clutched from the jaws of a Joe Satriani tribute band before it was too late; the other James, well, he was just born to funk.

Together they form FOCK, an unstoppable groove machine that would even have the likes of Bootsie quaking in his bootsies.
(Even if the name does sound like the noise a person makes whilst being subjected to the Heimlich manoeuvre).
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