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Dimaension X
NEWS   Dimaension X is now working with a live band for a new project - we'll try to post some new tunes soon!
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Dimaension X is an odd clashing of styles from heavy, minimal doom-metal to raw math-jazz-rock-metal fusion to spacey ambient Berlin-School Electronics...

Please visit my blog page at Dimaension X Realm for a full list of links to my various Internet locations and buddies.

The Doom 2 Variations - a modernization of the classic videogame soundtrack - Click HERE!

Demos from the new upcoming album "1st iZ Lazt" available now at
Click HERE!

The album "I Am Become Daevel" available now at:
Click HERE!

I also have a new page set up for "Aetherial Art of Decay" at:
Click HERE!

please check it out -

my albums are also available for download from:

direct from The Internet Archive

a Review by Matt Howarth :

Matt Howarth is a pretty well known Internet music reviewer. I'm absolutely stoked at hearing such a positive response to my music,...
thank you Matt!!

Drone2012 (2012)
To Black Dresses and Exploding Robots (2011)
E-Crisis-1 (2011)
Light At the End of the Tunnel (2009)
Laws of Repulsion (2009)
Gothambia Redux (2009)
Dimaension X - The Doom 2 Variations (2009)
Dimaension X - I Am Become Daevel (2008)
Dimaension X - Aetherial Art of Decay (2007)
Dimaension X - Leprosia Doom (2006)
Dimaension X - Bryson's Universe (2006)
Dimaension X - End of an Era (2005)
Dimaension X - Cyberthief 2 (2003)
Dimaension X - Deus Fetor, Pt.2 (2003)
Dimaension X - Loco-Motives (2003)
Why this name?
a long story, but it's based on an old BOSS pedal, and I adapted an effects unit to match the same effect ??? Huh ?? plus I love Sci-fi stuff, video games, etc.
Do you play live?
No, strictly a studio project, though not necessarily always a one-man band,... more people may actually creep their way in (if they can put up with my idiosynchractic music!)
Though I was in a band from 2009 to 2011, called Deadside Manor, and we did play a few live shows.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
We get to hear a lot more music that would otherwise die in obscurity,...I've now emailed and spoken to people from England, Israel, the Netherlands, Japan, incredible!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
nah, too much obligation, ... I like to play WHAT I WANT, WHENEVER I WANT, no questions asked,...I play for FUN
Band History:
been playing guitar since 1976, and I started getting into recording because every other musician I've ever known JUST DIDN'T GET anything I was trying to musically accomplish,

so I had to learn to do it all myself!
Your influences?
FRANK ZAPPA, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Robert Fripp, Miles Davis, Sonny Sharrock, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bjorn Lynne (an independant musician who creates a lot of great Video Game music!), Tangerine Dream, but also newer metal groups like Dream Theater, Opeth, Arch Enemy, RAGE (old masters of metal!!)

Lately I'm been inspired by Decapitated, Khanate, Sleep, Cathedral, Jesu, Godflesh, Killing Joke,...
also very influenced and inspired by fellow Soundclick artists like Bulb, Toxic Grind Machine, Bloodline (NL), Chimp Spanner, Frozen Mist, Phrozenlight, Casually Mephitic, Atreus, Cruor Deum, etc...
Favorite spot?
I'm at it now, but otherwise watching TV with the family or watching my son play video games
Equipment used:
Agile AL-3010SE, Xaviere XV-870 Darkside Edition, heavily modified Schecter Omen 6, an old Yamaha guitar (1986!!) with Dimarzio pickups, Line 6 Pod XTLive, Johnson J-Station, Fender Squire P-Bass, Ion electronic drums, M-Audio 61-es Keyboard, Toontrack EZ Drummer, SONAR Home Studio6, Cakewalk Home Studio 2004, & FL Studio (used to be called Fruity Loops) on COMPAQ computers, Behringer Pedals, Joyo Pedals
Anything else...?
listen and judge for yourself, ... I probably don't actually sound like any of the influences listed

Go to Bjorn Lynne's website at:

For music reviews, try Matt Howarth's Sonic Curiosity at:

Listen with an open mind!!