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play hi-fi  f***in' A Tops
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play hi-fi  Danny 4/5
play hi-fi  This one is almost finished
play hi-fi  Untitled work in progress - 25/2/06
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play hi-fi  moogy - 4/03
This is where I intend to post finished and unfinished mp3s of music I'm working on. A couple years after moving to Israel from Chicago, I'm posting things I'm working on in my bedroom ProTools studio. Some of this is my own stuff, some of it is collaborations with friends, some of it is stuff I produced for other bands.

My recent stint in the Israeli Army inspired one of the songs, and it's not what you think. I was in the "truck driving corps", meaning that what little 'action' I saw was when I had to re-start the engine real fast when the truck stalled. Boy, was that scary!

I plan to update this page frequently, regardless of how finished a particular song is. I like the idea of a weekly music-only blog - let's see how well this works.
Why this name?
Picture to come that explains this
Do you play live?
I used to be in Dearborn (formerly Punsapaya, and Easy Tiger. I miss playing live, but would never do it again unless it could be as good as it was with them.
Your influences?
Kraftwerk, The Postal Service/Dntel, The Arcade Fire, David Bowie, Brian Eno, The Police, Gary Numan
Favorite spot?
Tel Aviv
Equipment used:
Console: Chilton CM-2

Mics: Neumann CMV-563, STC 4033, KSM-32, 2x SM57 Crown CM-700

Pres: Chandler Germanium, 6x Chilton M1

EQ: ITI MEP-230 stereo EQ, Audinc EQ-HFB4 "Velvet Boost" (Simulate Pultecs)

Compression: Custom stereo 1176 w/ Neve 1272 output, FRM RNC 1773

DAW: Pro Tools Digi 001 w/ Apogee AD-8000 A/D/A

Instruments: Farfisa organ, Johnny 4/5, Oberheim Matrix 6R, Nord Lead 2, Moog Opus, Speak n' Spell, Crap Acoustic, Crap Classical Gtr, Sleigh bells
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