NEWS   Welcome! Thank you for visiting my music page - I have been busy adding new music over the last few months and I do welcome comments and feedback. I've Left a couple of songs as FREE downloads for a limited time - Enjoy!

You can also find more of my music at take a look there too! I've added some of my vocal music there.

Enjoy the music!
Images of the Mind
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A collection of family photos along with original background music composed by me - David Farmer. More musical available on also Itunes and Enjoy!
Thank you for visiting my music pages here on! Also, please be sure to check out my Soundcloud page at “”

Why this name?
Simple, It is my name. Several years ago (when I started putting my original music on in 1999-2002) I used my production name of "Soulspace Music." (See "Band History" below) There are still remnants of links floating around in cyberspace with that name attached to several of my songs.
Do you play live?
I've been a music teacher (K-8) since 1985 as well as a being involved in many other musical projects on the side. I Played live music with a four piece band during my college years to help pay the bills and get gas money AND to help buy more instruments! I have been involved in one way or another with music since I was a small boy, creating and playing music has been, and always will be my passion... Not only have I composed the electronic/instrumental music on this page - but I've also composed and conducted several of my own choral arrangements for piano/organ and SATB choir.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has helped artists - especially independent artist such as myself, get our "art" to the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
If the opportunity would arise - Yes. I would really enjoy writing music for a special video project, kids show or film soundtrack. I have written music for several small projects over the last several years, and it has given me a chance to stretch my horizons...
Band History:
I have been writing/arranging/composing music since I bought my first guitar and piano. I jumped into electronic music after a friend of mine let me play around with his brand new Roland Jupiter 8 back in the early 80's, after that I was addicted to it! A few years later I was in debt to the local music store for a lot of money as I invested in all the gear I could reasonably get my hands on! I've played all kinds of music - I was able to pay my way through college, by playing music on weekends. I became a member of the "artist community" in 1999 - If anyone remembers the original site - there was an abundance of great original music on there. Unfortunately, I feel that the "powers to be" within, became too over confident and pushed the company too far, too fast - and it failed. Many good independent artists suffered as a result. I used to list my music under the name "Soulspace Music" until I decided to just list it under my name as D. E. Farmer. I thank you for listening - Enjoy the music.
Your influences?
So many!! Mannheim Steamroller, Windham Hill, Saint-Saens, Ray Lynch, Will Ackerman, Billy Joel, Ralph Vaughn Williams, The Carpenters, Earth Wind and Fire, Chicago, Dan Fogelberg, Neil Diamond, the Beatles, John Williams, Martin Lindhe... to name a few!I'm also now beginning to realize that years spent singing Choral music has also been a huge influence in my music... there is a strong choral/vocal element in much of my music.
Favorite spot?
Anywhere near the beach or mountains! Right now my wife and I spend a lot of time riding 4x4's every weekend in the desert with our friends here in Phoenix.
Equipment used:
Mainly now I use my Korg Kronos (73 key), I also have a Korg Krome 88 key - Korg Triton (Original and updated Extreme) which I regret selling a few years ago because I absolutely loved the Triton series, Kronos is good / but there was just something magical about the Triton... I still have some older gear around too - a Roland VS-880 Recorder, Tascam DP-02 Digital Recorder, JV-1010,Finale 2008-12, Ovation and Yamaha guitars, my Macbook computer etc. etc.. I love to try different instruments too - I even have an African rain stick that I've used a couple of times!
Anything else...?
Just enjoy the music - if you like it - let me know! Some of these songs were meticulously composed over a period of time, however many of these songs just came in the moment and flowed out of me... There are flaws in them, you may hear them or not but they are like paintings, but with sound instead of oils or water colors. Hope you enjoy them. There are some of these songs that I've composed where I started with an idea or two and then just took off from there and improvised the whole song track by track - I could never ever recreate some of them again if I even tried - an example of this is "Sea Winds" That is the best example I could give you of something that I've created purely as a product of improvisation and a true "one-off" I layered several tracks one by one until I had just the right mix of what I was hearing in my head.
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