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play hi-fi  Smaragd Final
play hi-fi  chase part 2 q tuner demo
play hi-fi  q tuner test clip clean
play hi-fi  Ban-kai 1/3 q tuner demo
play hi-fi  SDUGF Beers Track Impro
play hi-fi  Inhale
play hi-fi  Smaragd
play hi-fi  Rostfrei half size PATBd
play hi-fi  MM SD demo2
play hi-fi  MM SD demo 1
it is a one man band
It makes fun to create and perform everything sound always like i imagine.I have a band too wich is cool.
But personal creativity is very important for me.It keeps me living better.
Why this name?
ear is the only way to enjoy musik
Do you play live?
i play mostly with my band .but for "ear"it is hard to gig when you have to play everithink alone.But i will try it soon!!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Positive...i never have to "sign" with a major label to share my music
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
scott ian of anthrax , jeff loomis of nevermore and rich "duke" ward of stuck mojo/fozzy for guitar
terry bozzio and gene hoglan of death for drumms
les claypool of primus , frank bello of anthrax and steve digorgio of death for bass
And for general inspiration ,afrikan ,amerikan ,asian ,mediteranean ,australian national drumm music
Paganini ,tchaikovski ,prokofiev
Medieval and scandinavian music.
Equipment used:
peavey guitars,seymour duncan/dimarzio pu's , digitech whammy ,line6 toneport ,ableton live ,qubase sx ,pearl drumms ,istanbul/paiste cymbals.fender precision bass.cordial cables.korg pandora ,bbe sonic maximizer ,and vox amps.
Anything else...?
Thanx for visiting and hearing my stuff.
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