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NEWS   Check video on youtube. Look for "Joshua Samson Hang" there are now some 16 video's from live performances. Also see for the album I made for Oreade. Also see itunes Joshua Samson Earth Chakras or Earth Chakras - The Hang sounds great and the music is inspiring. A new album is in progress so catch up with this one and get ready for the next.
*NEW* NITE TIME (YNB Nahmir x 6ix9ine type)
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play hi-fi  04 Treasures.mp3
play hi-fi  Benny's Dream
play hi-fi  Ofra in India
play hi-fi  Pour un Enfant Terrible
play hi-fi  Passionara / Brim of the day
play hi-fi  Ofra
play hi-fi  Fence to freedom
play hi-fi  Earth Chakra Sample
play hi-fi  Treasures
play hi-fi  Fatal Embrace
On this soundclickspace I post tracks that I recorded with the PanArt Hang. These are tracks of albums or tracks specially made for the site or recordings of live concerts - I'm very aware that I have at least 20 more hours of Hangmusic stored - i made myself the promise to at least post some more 'highlight' tracks in the next couple of weeks - for example there is this super nice bootleg recording of a concert I did with Micheal Franti & Spearhead. So cool to be playing Hang with them, also I released an album Earth Chakras - you can hear some of that at and I played a Hang track on the new album of a band called Zharbia - with flamenco singer Curra Suarez and a Morrocan Ud player, a bassist and a violinist. Also on Youtube - look for Zharbia Desert Vibes

On the here mentioned link you'll find all the information about the PanArt Hang. Thanks Micheal !
Do you play live?
Yes, I do play live - a lot and everywhere - when we have to meet we will.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Information and music at your fingertips
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Well, lets talk and see what benefits it will bring, for now - long live soundclick, i-tunes and all the INDIES
Band History:
There have been so many people I had the honour of playing with that it needs a domain of its own - you can check to read more about bands and musicians I work and worked with also there you'll find an oversight of recordings made as well as highlight concerts.
Your influences?
Music is everywere - in and around us. I have been very influenced by great percussionists like Mino Cinelu, Robert Thomas Jr, Glen Velez however the Hang was the greatest inspiration. It made me grow from a pure rhythmically focused player into a musician that has acces to melody and harmony - its like being able to all of a sudden see and smell after living for 20 years with only the faculty of hearing.
Favorite spot?
Should I say Bern, Switserland - the birthplace of the Hang
Equipment used:
In this case the focus is on the PanArt Hang
Anything else...?
A lot of people from all over the world asked me, after concerts or by mail or phone, about the Hang - were is it from, how can I get one, how do you play the Hang, What is PanArt, who is Felix and who is Sabina, What metal, what tunings, what styles - is it true they are not made anymore, is it true they cost over 10.000 dollars etc etc etc - for quite some time I had some information posted on this site that I "borrowed" from the Hangblog - a site run by Hanglover and aficionado Micheal - as he is in constant research and updates his very well documented site on a regular basis I suggest if you really want to know all about the Hang that you visit:

Here is were you find all you want to know and more.... Please leave a message for him and send him my kindest regards, the guy is awesome in his research and publishing - ENJOY !!
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