Elusive Mr Hatchard
NEWS   Video for Glue Factory 3 coming very soon!!
RZA Tribute Beat
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Music video for The Elusive Mr Hatchard's RZA Tribute Beat
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The Elusive Mr Hatchard - Just a kid making music in his bedroom
Band History:
Started messing around with old school dos-based programs like Fasttracker around 15 years back, knowing absolutely nothing about music. Really got into it and eventually progressed to midi and Cubase SX. I've since fallen in love with the ease of VSTs and although I've spent money on hardware I like to keep it internal as much as poss.
Your influences?
Classical music, film soundtracks - composers like Phillip Glass and Danny Elfman, weird stuff - Godspeed You Black Emperor and Aphex Twin, underground hiphop - Jedi Mind Tricks, Twiztid, Blue Sky Black Death, Jus Allah, Necro, Ill Bill, Wu-Tang Clan, DJ Muggs, DJ Shadow, RJD2 and so on...
Equipment used:
Adobe Audition, Cubase SX, Reason, Project 5, a Redsound Darkstar XP2 synth, Akai MPC1000, Behringer Eurorack mixer, a shitty Yamaha Midi keyboard and loads of vsts
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