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Band History:

PNFA a.k.a. Popular Nightmare Folk Art has been a landmark in the world of electronic music since the first self distributed release "The Urban Music Box" in 1996. Wolfram Gruss the mastermind behind PNFA however already started at the age of nine to become obsessed with making electronic music on his own, which is why he composed sounds and samples already in the nursery with his Commodore Amiga 500, that he got for pocket money savings. Obstinated (legal) child labor over years enabled him to have his first little representable basement studio ready by the age of 15 which is also when PNFA was founded. Ever since PNFA serves DJs and a tremendously growing listenership with an exquisite fusion menu including i.e. a little bit of jazzy licks as appetizer, a violently deep distorted bassline as entree and a fine light drum'n'bass or house beat as desert. So far 10 albums, a huge amount of remixes and collaborations, a bunch of EPs and a whole lot of apperances on compilations of labels all over the world were published.

photo by Tobias Engelhard
photo by Christopher Sartory
photo by Fabian Bott
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