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Jazz Nature Experience
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dévoile l'Instinctive Pulsation la loi oubliée, écoutez vous saurez ... music showing in an accumulation of coincidences, the existence of the Instinctive Pulsation.

show the Instinctive Pulsation
Why this name?
And, one should not forget this victorious hunter, assembling the guard, taking care of his clan, putting the music in the world by listening to the cord of his arc sing mysterious harmonics to him, when it played on it, on precise reference marks, by lightly touching it with his fingertips, the spouted out rhythms of the Instinctive Pulsation.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
yes ... internet is the "Major Communication" for the Instinctive Pulsation
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yes faut voir ...
Band History:
Le style "Jazz Nature" est né en Décembre 2000, avec Atlantique Nord comme cadeau de Noël, pour démontrer l'Instinctive Pulsation gratifiée au concert de jardin d'une belle journée de Juin 1970, par un rouge-gorge, deux merles, et trois alouettes qui en trilles virtuoses se répondaient sur ce tempo omniprésent ...
Equipment used:
Guitare Gibson 175
Guitare Gibson 335 + GR 50 Roland
Guitare Fender Stratocaster
PC Isis + Harmonies + Instinctive Pulsation
and the Sgt Peppers Animals Club Band Machine
Anything else...?
to listen anothers songs clic on animated picture

Bienvenue sur Jazz Nature Experience

... so long ...
Giant steps
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