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play hi-fi  ?!?!?!CHANGE?!?!?!
play hi-fi  LMS-Problem Feat. Saheed & REKS
play hi-fi  LMS- Mind Over Body
play hi-fi  EMPIRE!!! Prod. by Hazardis Soundz
play hi-fi  CROW FLYIN prod. by Mad Skrews
play hi-fi  The End Of The World!!! (Prod. By Beta Control)
play hi-fi  Oh well produced by Big Eff
play hi-fi  I try feat. Bree
play hi-fi  LMS-The Hialeah Freestyle (prod. by LOKS)
play hi-fi  Moooove! prod. by D-Grand
"Born in Jersey, but Made in Dade" It is this phrase that describes Not only the upbringing, but the influences that make LMS the mc that he is. It is this pairing of two distinctly diffrent ways of music that give LMS his uncanny ability to lyrically decimate beats from either side of the coast. Whether it be to the booming bass and synths of Lil Jon, or the cuts and chops of Dj Premier, LMS's confidence unwavers when he steps into the booth or grabs the mic. His Debut cd/mixtape "The Pagemaster Vol.1" gives an accurate portrayal of LMS's highs and lows being a Master of Ceremony on the rise. With production from Write Beat, D-Raynged, and Germ, LMS gives more or less an autobiography and an explanation of his whereabouts since his days of hosting Rap Battles in Miami Lakes. On songs like his cover of Mobb Deep's "Get Away", LMS indirectly explains his need of taking a step back from society by describing the things in life that made him resort to his own solitude. On the songs "Suck My D*ck" and "Reality Check", The hialeah rapper gives a lyrically scathing critique of both the Bush Administration and The Rap game in general, with lines like "Nigga said you did time, but the sh*** was really Boot Camp./ Only ghetto thing you did was buy food wit a food stamp./ Sayin you a felon and you deadlier than venom./ Expectin ME to believe you when you rockin pink denim??./" But it's the songs where LMS goes into his personal life that give the listener a real understanding and empathy of LMS's own struggles with his family,and his lost love. "Here I go again" is a heart felt portrayal of LMS's addiction to pain, constantly tryin to make right with a woman who one day said she loved him, but would cheat on him the next day. With D-raynged providing the production and LMS providing the honesty, this song can touch the heart of even the coldest individual. Not one to hog the mic, LMS shares space on his cd with artists providing verses all worthy "best supporting rapper" status. Containing features from Dynas, Garcia, Colosus, Ran Rover, Problem Child, D-raynged and Gers from Dub-P, "The Pagemaster" is a shining example of the talent being hidden in the sunshine state. Though far from multiplatinum sales and concert tours, with consistent releases like "The Pagemaster vol.1", LMS will definitly be on his way to national recognition. In the words of Dynas, "YO LMS, THROW THAT NEXT JOINT ON NIGGA!!"...
Why this name?
I used to always end battles back in the day sayin somn wit it... side effect was that it's kind of mirrored my life and my journey in this world.....
Do you play live?
I'll perform anywhere and have performed at Clubs like Space, X-it,etc....
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it really creates a rift now, an actual tangible sort of "underground" of music if you will... music that is either too good, too controversial, or too eye-opening for corporate radio....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
On my terms and my terms alone......I know the music I'm capable of making and the last thing I need is some tightwad f*** in a fashionable male suit tellin me how to do me.....
Band History:
see INTRO.....
Your influences?
My biggest musical influence is A period of time when there were Mc's who entertained, told stories, gave facts, and shared wit you their view on life... their ACTUAL view, not the bullshit they tell you just to sell vitamin water and sprite...
Favorite spot?
My home, Hialeah.....
Equipment used:
Pen,Pad,computer, and a studio.....
Anything else...?
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