LiL Medic Beats
'Ghost' // Future x Young Thug Type Beat
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Extra Medium
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Hi! Thanks for checking out my page!

My whole life I've focused on live performance - guitar, piano/keys. The band I was playing in starting touring nationally right around the time my wife and I had our first kid. Great for them, but I decided to drop out and stick with the 9 to 5. Since then, we've had a second child and life couldn't be better.

One day I sat down at my keyboards and found them covered in a layer of dust. How long had it been since I'd played?

That day I decided I would treat one night a week as a gig and try and see what I could do with my gear in a "studio" setting! I'd like to try and post a song or two each month, and SoundClick seems to be the perfect medium for me to let other people check it out and let me know what they think!

The links on the right will bring you to my music page, a small message board, or send me an email directly! Why not stop by and say hello?

Thanks for listening and have a great day!