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Chris Tolbert
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play hi-fi  Bombastic Fantastic
play hi-fi  Amen
play hi-fi  Vexation - 874AD
play hi-fi  Schnell
play hi-fi  Ice
play hi-fi  Couchezvous
play hi-fi  Coarse Behavior
play hi-fi  MajorF
play hi-fi  Musette
play hi-fi  Adagio for Glass Armonica
Hello! Enjoy my music. I cannot classify it, but if you like Synergy, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, experimental, or classical, you may find my efforts interesting. Let me know what you think!
Your influences?
My main influences are the great symphonic composers, from early music to the most modern. I particularly like modern romantics like Prokofiev, Richard Strauss, etc.
Favorite spot?
Iceland! Miles from civilization.
Equipment used:
Alesis QS8.1 w/Sanctuary and Classical Q-Cards
Yamaha MU100R
Yamaha PLG-150AN
Yamaha DX200
Roland S-330
Alesis Microverb
Roland C-180
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