Teledhel Cuivienen
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I'm not in a band yet, it's just me and my guitars. I haven't really found my musical voice yet, but I'm experimenting and a lot of potentially interesting pieces fall out of that sort of process, and I'd like to share some of them.
Why this name?
As I mentioned, I have not found my musical voice yet, and neither have I found my musical image, so for now the only thing I have to call myself is my own name.
Do you play live?
I'm hesitant to play live until I develop my abilities further, and so most of my greatest moments occur in bedrooms or dorm rooms or small coffee shops.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Diversity, and distribution.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I'd have to have something to offer before I'd agree to that.
Band History:
I picked up a guitar in 2002, after watching Led Zeppelin in The Song Remains The Same, determined to become a lead guitarist. Half a year later, I entered college and learned how to read tab. Two summers following I got my first gig at a local coffee shop and made my performing debut. Since then I've been playing at that same coffee shop periodically and learning more songs. Certain events in my personal life inspired me to start writing poetry, and since then I have tried to combine those words with original music, to create my own songs. I have had no formal musical training as of yet, but I intend to learn, one way or another, how to play the blues.
Your influences?
I'm a huge fan of classic rock, and a growing fan of the blues. As a guitarist, my biggest guitar influences have been Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Peter Green, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Alvin Lee, Michael Bloomfield, Joe Bonamassa, and the list grows constantly. I'm a fan of the middle ground between rock and blues. Pure blues is a little too raw or in some cases soft for me, but my favorite kind of rock is the kind that has a firm base in the blues. Thus, my favorite bands are typically rock bands that play a lot of blues (like Led Zeppelin or Ten Years After) and my favorite artists are blues artists that play a lot of rock (like Johnny Winter or Joe Bonamassa).
Favorite spot?
The fantasy land that exists only in my head.
Equipment used:
Not a big equipment nut, I don't really have the money or experience to even really be picky. I just have a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar, and a cheap electric guitar with a cheap amplifier, and a couple of pedals to play around with (wah, fuzz, compressor)