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Fuzzy rhythm guitars and driving bass lays the ground for melodic licks and the catchy vocals.The lyrics deal with a wide range of topics from everyday scenes to introspective soul searching and important issues in today’s society.
Why this name?
Fred wanted to have a Swedish word that also sounded good in English. He got stucked on "sitter" and looked it up in a Swedish-English dictionary. He thought the different meanings of the word worked out fine. It's also a word that it's easy to remember. The word looks like a zillion times cooler with a "z", so the switch was done immediately. Then we found out that Zitter is a surname, which quite a few Zitter's has pointed out to us.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It gives a chance for unsigned bands to get an audience. The artists will get more control over their music. It'll get even more imortant to play live since it's so easy to download music for free.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
They got some attention on the Internet with their first two full length demos, Swansong 11(2000) and Happy Fools’ Parade (2002). But it was with the third demo, Alligator Highway (2003), the band found their distinct melodic and catchy punk n’ roll-sound. The positive reviews of the disc helped to increase the number of Zitter fans around the globe. The song Nobody’s Perfect is included on both Radio Now! Vol. 2 (3000Records) and the DVD Cowabunga Extravagance (Seven Films). Soulless Man could be found on Buzz Songs Vol. 1 (3000Records). Songs from the first three discs is rotating on several Internet radio stations.

Two songs from the brand new The Vulture Punk N’ Roll Machine disc (2006), God Of Wine and My Immortal Adversary is, together with Red House, featured in the Swedish horror/comedy "I död och lust" (Through Death n' Pleasure).

The title track, The Vulture Punk ’N’ Roll Machine (2006), is a groovy, melodic tribute song to Zitter’s main influences. No flirting with the new genres or sounds! Tied the Rope is a fast moving punk ‘n roller based on a sad, true story. With Monster Of My Mind, Zitter combines their straight, steady punk with groovy and heavier parts.
Your influences?
Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Kiss, Terrorvision, Def Leppard, Backyard Babies, D.A.D., Monster Magnet & L.A. Guns.
Favorite spot?
Lokalen! = Our rehearsal spot.
Equipment used:
Ibanez, Gibson & Washburn guitars and basses. Roland R 8, Technics & Casio keyboards, Digitec RP 7, Zoom 708 and a heap of eq's, compressors and other effect devices.
Anything else...?
Don't miss the cool comedy/horror picture I död och klust (Through death and pleasure) with three Zitter songs included.

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