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play hi-fi  Unstoppable
play hi-fi  The People Person
play hi-fi  Fractals
play hi-fi  Axe-Fx Test
play hi-fi  Finding Time
play hi-fi  Agile
play hi-fi  Swamp Fingers
play hi-fi  Eternity
play hi-fi  Storm
play hi-fi  Velocity
This is my one man band project. These are songs and ideas that I have written and recorded on my little home recording setup.
Do you play live?
I play live with my other band project called Incarcerate. As for this solo project, I would love to play this music live. Perhaps if I find some good musicians who would just help me by playing the other parts for some live shows, Because I have no plans on turning this into a band project (although some of these ideas may be intended for my other band projects, they'll be clearly marked as such).
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's the future baby! Artists now have the tools to self promote on the internet and reach millions of listeners at very little expense.
Your influences?
A few of my main ones:
Marc a. Pullen
Dream Theater
Equipment used:
Agile Interceptor Pro 727 - 7 string guitar with active EMG 707's.
Ibanez GRG - Guitar. Seymour Duncan TB-6 in the bridge.
Squire Strat - Guitar. (Mainly just used for odd tunings now)
Yamaha RBX200 - Bass guitar with Fender P-Bass pickups.
Axe-Fx ULTRA - Guitar Preamp.
PODxt + All model pack expansions - Guitar Preamp.
Marshall vs100 - Amp head, only ever used for the solid state power section.
Speaker cab - 2x12 plessy/rola c12p's
PC - Dual core recording rig with 4GB of ram. Getting a bit dated but I never really max it out.
Axiom 25 - controller/midi keyboard
Tascam US 144 - Audio Interface / mic pre
Addictive Drums (Core) - A brilliantly sampled drum kit plugin.
Nuendo - multi-track Recorder + sequencer
Various other VST plugins

Slowly building up my gear, what I have seems to do the trick though.
Anything else...?

If you like the tunes, Please share 'em around :D
Thats all for now, Have fun!
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