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krysh presents ashdown t15-180s
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06/11/09 @ 05:48 AM     post a comment
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krysh presents ashdown t15-180s for thomann cyberstore
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Hello and welcome to my site! I am a guitar- and bassplayer, and when I don't work in different projects and bands I also write and produce my own silly stuff in my tiny playroom. You might also hire me as a session guitarist or bassplayer.
Peace and love, Michael.

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Why this name?
sounds exactly like my real name, just written more international ;-)
Do you play live?
I love being on stage, minimum the second best place to be, studio :-)))
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
hopefully to the better..
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
...if I had a real benefit, why not.
Band History:
Michael Krisch is krysh - mainly guitarplayer and sideman for other artists for a long time from hamburg, germany.
1982 - on bass first self written songs within the first band "Trash", then 1983 the guitar had chosen me, different schoolbands, 1986-88 -"Someone" rock-cover of the 60's and a few Top-40 Bands. 1989-91 "s'nuff" rockband, Local Heroes Contest final with own compositions. 1992-94 "Patchwork Quartett" - fusionband around pianoplayer, singer, composer Joachim Goerke. 1995 student of Susan and Martin Weinert (Susan Weinert Band - Jazz). 1995-96 "Vincent Loraine Band" - rockpop. 1996-97 "Marcus Siebert Band" - westcoast rock. 1997-2000 "das gruhf" - comedy duo. 2000-2003 creative break. 2003-2004 "das gruhf", ends with tragic death of partner Michael Heutmann at christmas 2004. 2005-2006 "Strange Room" - alternative folkrock, and productions with "nudisco". over the years always again studio recordings and projekts. since 2006 "krysh" with own tiny studio. 2007-2008 on bass with Wajiha & Farid Rastagar - afghan pop (toured in canada/england/netherlands/austria). 2008-2009 with female singer efe tarel - future-gospel

2010-12 on bass with toned (
2012-2013 bassist with (trio jazz and more)

Your influences? life, love, belief, hope and of course all the music around this planet.
Favorite spot? the moment hamburg-germany
Equipment used:
...anything that feels and sounds good. but mostly guild guitars, basses, tube amps and ableton live.
krysh on guitar - 2010
the guilds of krysh 2011
krysh - the lecci triplet 2011
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