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Jeff Shields
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Why are you here? Unless you know me, I can't imagine how you ended up here. In any case, count yourself one of the privileged few, very few, who have heard any of this stuff. I'm a home recording musician who makes a fairly wide variety of music, but the bulk of which is electronicky funky moody stuff. I'm going to try to put my better stuff on the top of the list, so if you have a favorite please let me know, because I tend to lose sight of what's the good stuff. I would like to think someone somewhere would like to hear some of this music, but I'm mostly at a loss how to reach those 3 people, so if you know, drop me a line. Perhaps you're here looking to hear my recently donned psuedonym "Podcast Troubadour"
Why this name?
My birthname bores me, and I'd like to think my music is much less boring. I've made a whole lotta different stuff, all over the genre map, so I'm at loss what else to to call myself. I was the band Kleptonaut but now I sometimes go by the name of "Podcast Troubadour".
Do you play live?
I'd like to make music for web, film, dance, and pure consumption. Any help getting this stuffed played where people might like to hear it would be appreciated. As the "Podcast Troubadour" I happily roam the wide open spaces of the cyberverse spreading musical merryment whereever I roam.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It will kill it, and a pheonix will arise better or worse than the current lameosity riddled with greatness.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No major label would ever touch my messy catologue and withered 35 year old body with a ten foot pole. If ever a fella dropped by with a contract, his next stop would be the loony bin.
Band History:
My band history is too incredible to tell briefly and it would be a terrible injustice to the fantastic truth if I were to shorten the great tale even one word. It wil be a great American novel.

More interesting than the past is the possible stuff I might make in the future. I'm open to suggestion and requests.

As the "Podcast Troubadour" I've reached millions or a miniscule fraction of said large number, whichever is smaller.

Your influences?
Brian Eno. Wes Mongomery. Percy Jones. Robert Fripp. Aphex Twin. The Beatles. Simple Minds. James Brown. Chet Atkins. Radiohead. The Beta Band. Royksopp. Thelonius Monk. Miles Davis. Coltrane. Mingus. Sigur Ros. Tom Ze. The Fixx. James Brown. Bjork. The Police. Looney Tunes. The Muppets. Sesame Street. Star Wars. Blade Runner. Philip K. Dick. George Orwell. Aldous Huxley. Ecology. U2. Peter Gabriel. Kate Bush. Yes. King Crimson. Bozo the Clown. XTC. The Smiths. Jaco Pastorius. Louis Pasteur. Ween. Weird Al Yankovic. The Moog Cookbook. Beck. Talking Heads. David Bowie. Pink Floyd. Pentangle. Nick Drake.
Favorite spot?
I like to be a fly on the wall.
Equipment used:
The internet.
Anything else...?
I'd like to think someone is reading this, but other than friends, I should know better. So I say "Hi Friend. Glad you could drop by. If you like something let me know. "
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